Are Bollywood interpretations better than their Hollywood originals? – A new series

In the past, this question would have been greeted with derision. Those days are long gone. 

Bollywood has become very good at making terrific films by adapting Hollywood films to the Indian setting. Many of these Bollywood “interpretations” have proved to be better films than the original Hollywood inspirations. In some cases, the interpretations add a totally different dimension to the original story, thus enhancing the experience.

We begin our blog by launching a series of articles that showcase this theme. This series will compare such Bolly-Holly films and hopefully shed light on inherent strengths of Bollywood that enable them to enhance Hollywood originals.

Our blog is a rasik’s view of Bollywood and global cinema in general. We shall endeavor to discern the “ras” or essence of a film, the way (to use the classic Sanskrut metaphor) a “bhrammar” or bee discerns the fragrance of a flower. We will attempt to present points of view that are not mainstream as well as highlight films that may have escaped the attention of our readers. 

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