Comment & Reaction – China & Sharon Stone, American Right & Scarf worn by Rachel Ray

Sharon Stone made a terribly stupid and deeply offensive remark about the “Earthquake in the Sichuan Province of China” being in some way “karma” because of Chinese actions in Tibet. To their credit, the Chinese Government and the Chinese people reacted with anger and protests. Christian Dior acted promptly to pull ads featuring Ms. Stone and expressed deep regret for the comments. Ms. Stone has herself apologized for the interview.

Last week, Dunkin’ Donuts released its web campaign for Iced Coffee. This campaign featured Rachel Ray wearing a scarf. To some on the American Right, the scarf implied commonality or support with Islamic Scarf or the Palestinian Intifada. A public storm ensued and Dunkin’ Donuts immediately pulled the campaign.

It is the reaction to the two comments that intrigues us. Segments of Chinese and American people have demonstrated that they will not tolerate behavior from corporations that they feel is offensive to them. 

Is this behavior an indication of intolerance of these segments or does it reflect legitimate self-defense from perceived abuse or ridicule? You decide!

But, it is undeniable that existence of such segments in a society is often reflective of a “superpower” status a society attributes to itself. Such societies tend to believe that swift response and immediate punishment are often the best deterrent to future bad behavior against them. This “do not step on me” attitude is one reason why dominant societies are respected by global media.

As a corollary, is the absence of such a segment in a society an indication of the society’s s low self-esteem or of its effiminization? Let us know what you think!

This question is relevant to the global desi because the segment that is intolerant of anti-Indian abuse or anti-Indian ridicule is currently absent in the Global Indian Diaspora. 

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