Do you Yahoo? Yes we do, say Microsoft shareholders and Shammi Kapoor fans

Did you know that the Company Yahoo, Inc., was named so for the great Shammi Kapoor song “Yahoo” in the 1961 Bollywood film “Junglee“.  Yahoo’s founder Jerry Yang was a fan of Shammi Kapoor and was inspired by the classic song. May be that is why Yahoo’s first campaign was titled “Do you Yahoo?”!

Come Monday morning, Microsoft shareholders might start yelling “Yahoo” like Shammi Kapoor. To learn how, simply click on .

How ironic is it that we use a Google product to celebrate the rise in Microsoft shares to the chagrin of Yahoo shareholders?

We are devout fans of Shammi Kapoor and the title of his first movie “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” fits him perfectly (the title translates to ” we have never seen any one like you”). Not only had cinema rasiks ever seen any one like Shammi Kapoor before him but we have not seen any one like him even 35-40 years after his retirement.

Shammi Kapoor went through a long lean patch (as BBC puts it) and almost gave up his career before he struck gold with “Tumsa Nahin Dekha”.  Yahoo shareholders must fervently hope that Jerry Yang will some day strike gold again and propel YHOO shares to old heights.

PS: Five entrepreneurs launched a start-up called “Junglee” in June 1996 in Sunnyvale, CA and sold it to Amazon,as we recall, in 1999. If they sold their Amazon stock in late 1999 or early 2000, they might still be crooning “Yahoo” today.

Note; For more detailed coverage of Jerry Yang, Yahoo and Shammi Kapoor, read the article on or click on


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