Partner (2007) and Hitch (2005) – Bolly-Holly films – 3

The incredibly talented Wil Smith plays Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a “date-doctor’; a sentimental advisor who teaches men how to date the women of their dreams.  He gets a new client, a nerdy financial consultant Albert (played by Kevin James of the King of Queens fame) The story revolves around Hitch helping Albert to date the wealthy and stunning Allegra Cole (played by Amber Valletta).  Hitch has a crush on a gossip columnist Sara (played by Eva Mendes), who has been assigned to cover Allegra.  This is a plot tailor-made for misunderstandings and conflicts.

Watch a preview of Hitch at Watch a different youtube trailer at or click below

Partner is an adaptation of Hitch. Same story and same plot with Bollywood style.  To see how the styles differ, watch the trailer at

I saw Hitch after I saw Partner. The difference is remarkable. I am a fan of Wil Smith and of Kevin James.  Hitch is well-directed and takes place in my favorite city, New York. But, it took an effort to watch it after Partner.

Partner is more sunny, cheerful and delivers the same story with an underlying touch of spoof. Govinda is simply superb as the nerdy financial consultant. He carries the film. Partner is more about the nerdy romantic whereas Hitch is more about the date-doctor. This subtle twist of angle is what makes Partner a more appealing film.

Warning: Do Not watch Partner or the clips below if you do NOT like tall, beautiful women!

Lara Dutta, the 5’11” Miss Universe 2000, plays the gossip columnist and the 5’10” Katrina Kaif plays the wealthy girl that Govinda adores. Why should I write about these two when you can watch them below?


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