10 Other Most Popular Articles of 2010

In our earlier article, we published the Top 10 Articles since the inception of this Blog. Some of these articles have proved to be very durable in their appeal. This makes it hard for newer articles to break through that Top 10 Most Popular List. As a result, that list does not change often.

So, we looked up the 10 most popular articles during 2010 that are not in the Top 10 Since Inception List.  The composition of this list surprised us. So we thought it might be interesting to the Readers as well.

Below is the list of 2010’s Ten Most Popular Articles that are not in the 10 Most Popular Articles Since Inception List:

1. When Did Indian Society Lose It’s Attitude? Our Answer Might Surprise You April 10, 2009

2. Interview with Rachel Saltz of the New York Times July 5, 2008

3. If you have not heard of Attock, Read this Article August 9, 2008

4. Tim Seymour Admits A Real Problem With CNBC’s Fast Money Show May 9, 2009

5. Cultural Supremacism in a Time Article & of Time’s Editors?January 9, 2010

6. Indian Education vs. American Education – Impact on Creative Jobs September 26, 2009

7. Another Flagrant Mischaracterization of Indian History by a Financial Times Writer? – Journalistic Negligence, Misconduct or Sheer Anti-Indian Prejudice? May 29, 2010

8. Afghanistan – It’s Strategic Importance To America October 10, 2009

9. Bin-Ladenism in Religion & The Practice of YogaOctober 2, 2010

10. Wall Street Journal vs. Financial Times May 2, 2009

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