The 10 Most Popular Articles of Q2 2011

Below are this Blog’s 10 Most Popular Articles for the second quarter of 2012 (in terms of viewer hits).

1. The Karna-Arjun Battle in The Maha-Bharat – Beyond AdjectivesSeptember 20, 2008 – This is by far the most popular article since the inception of this Blog.

2. Cultural & Religious Defamation Tacitly Accepted By New York Times Editors?January 23, 2010

3. First Snoop Dogg, Now Sylvester Stallone – Everyone Is Getting Aboard The Bolly-Holly Train February 7, 2009

4.  Difference Between a “Real” Indian and an “Elite” Indian – Read the Interview of the Viacom-Network 18 COO & the WSJ India EditorFebruary 6, 2010 

5. To Understand What Happened to India’s Economy, Look Back to America of 2009 & Imagine…
June 16, 2012

6. Gandhi vs. Lelyveld – Are Editors of Washington Post and New York Times Biased Against Hindu Ethos?April 16, 2011 

7.  Why Does India Tend to Collapse So Often?
June 23, 2012

8. Attock – If you have not heard of Attock, Read this ArticleAugust 9, 2008

What Is “Taylor Rule”? What Does It Say Now? Was It A Factor In Bernanke’s Decision? March 21, 2009

10. When Did Indian Society Lose It’s Attitude? Our Answer Might Surprise You April 10, 2009

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