Who Are the Worst Victims of Rape – US Agency Tells You but NYT, Reuters, Wash-Post Don’t

An article in the Times of India reported on Friday July 19, 2013:

  • Hindus in Pakistan are the worst victims of rape, says a report by an independent American group.”

What American group is this? It is the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

This fact does not surprise us. What does surprise us is that none of the American Newspapers reported this fact. These are the same bureaus and reporters that went on a journalistic rampage in describing the rapes of women in India, rapes that, according to these European-American newspapers are due to the uniquely misogynist, paternalistic and “retrograde” Indian culture, retrograde being the word of choice of a Washington Post writer.

We do not mean to suggest that the reporters of New York Times, Reuters or Washington Post are completely inured to rapes of Hindu women in NonPakistan. We do not intend to imply that these reporters encourage or condone these atrocities on Hindu women in NonPakistan. Absolutely not. In fact, we are convinced that almost every single one of them would help a Hindu victim of rape if they met her.

After all, these are decent honorable people who do the job they are paid to do. But unfortunately, their concern for individual Hindu victims of rape does not extend to or include concern for Hindu victims as a class. This is why NYT, Reuters, Wash-Post have hardly ever reported on Hindu victims in NonPakistan, Bangladesh or other Muslim countries.

This classic pattern of coverage is due to a a defined and accepted hierarchy of religions in American media and in American NGOs. We defined that hierarchy as a Religious Caste System in American Media and American NGOs in June 2013. How is this Religious Caste System structured?

  1. Religions practiced by Europeans – Christians & Jews,
  2. Religions practiced in the Middle East – Muslims,
  3. Religions practiced in Asia – Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs…

As we observed in our June 2013 article:

  • “Notice something interesting in the above rankings? They also fit the European-American hierarchy of color. Europeans are fairer than Middle Eastern people who are also generally fairer than Asians. And religions ranked 1 & 2 are collectively people of the book, to quote that great religious thinker, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. And religions ranked 3 are outside the collective people of the book.”

How is this Religious Caste System practiced in American Media & by American NGOs?

  • “When a lower ranked religious community attacks a higher ranked religious community, that is very big news and American media covers it aggressively. But when a higher ranked religious community attacks a lower ranked religious community, that’s just par for the sociological course and not worth the ink or web-space in an American newspaper.” 

Once you follow this Religious Caste System, you understand that news of rapes of Hindu women in Muslim Pakistan is simply not news that is worth printing, not to New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters & other US newspapers. It is also not worth the attention of New York based NGOs like self-proclaimed Human Rights Watch and its financial sponsor, Ford Foundation.

On the other hand, you will understand that the news of capture of the rapist of one Christian nun is worthy of immediate transmittal via Twitter. Because it involves a rape of a highest religious caste woman by men of the lowest religious caste called Hindus.

So don’t be surprised when NYT, Reuters, Wash-Post & their cohort ignore the findings of USCIRF. You see, they are just following the framework of their Religious Caste System

* The report itself is worth reading. It will show you the rampant violence that is being unleashed on Shia Muslims by those “pak” or spiritually-pure residents of the Rawalpindi regime. Hindus have already been cleansed to a large extent, Ahmadi Muslims have been banned and the next minority being attacked as Shia Muslims.

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