Trump Inauguration – Joy & Desperation Reach a Crescendo


If any one had any doubts that the Trump campaign was a battle between the American people and the pretentious elite, this week should dispel them.  

Within a few weeks after his election & before his inauguration, Mr. Trump is already delivering to the people what he promised. This week an important CEO joined her counterparts in promising better performance at lower costs of her company’s products AND adding 1,800 jobs in America at the same time. 

Ms. Hewson said:

  • “I certainly share [Trump’s] views that we need to get the best capability to our men and women in uniform. And we need to get it at the lowest possible price, … I’m glad I had an opportunity to tell him that we are close to a deal that will bring the cost down significantly from the previous lot of aircraft for the next lot of aircraft, … And, moreover, it’s going to bring a lot of jobs to the United States. In fact, we’re going to increase our jobs in Fort Worth by 1,800 jobs.”

Lockheed Martin follows a list of American multinationals who have promised to increase jobs in America. Really folks, has there been any President in recent memory who has created such a change, a real change that matters to real Americans, before he was even inaugurated? The above are huge corporations and their actions & feelings are visible. But what about the small businesses that we don’t hear about on TV? Well, they are speaking even more loudly:

  • Jan 10 – Trump certainly know how to make SMEs feel good about themselves. NFIB optimism index jumps, and comes close to all-time record from 1983:

President Reagan created this level of confidence in 1983, the third year of his Presidency. President Elect Trump has achieved it before his inauguration.

Note that John Authers is a commentator for the Financial Times of London. Guess he can see reality that many American news organizations cannot or refuse to. Because they chose to focus this week on a “Disinformation” document reportedly prepared by a British ex-spy, a salacious & scurrilous document that was built up to discredit Donald Trump during the primaries and the election.

These are the same tactics that were used after the Republication Convention and later in the general election campaign by the Hillary campaign. Those yahoos still don’t get it. All this mud or worse they throw at Trump doesn’t stick and instead gets spattered back in their faces. It happened again this week after Mr. Trump’s press conference. Internet trash may not care but CNN does seem to based on the red face Anderson Cooper displayed on his show on Wednesday.

That shows the intense desperation among the pretentious elite who became fat & happy during the past 8 years. Everything they believed in seems to be getting wiped away and they don’t know what to do. This group includes both Democrats & Republicans who live off the same donors who funded their failed campaigns, including Hillary’s and Rubio’s.

These are warmongers in America who have gotten the country embroiled in one war after another whether direct ones in the Middle East or indirect wars of destabilization elsewhere. They are the same types of nuts who savaged President Reagan when he began his own detente with a new Russian leader named Gorbachev. That savagery pails before the insane sputtering of Marco Rubio during his questioning of Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson. 



What was Mr. Trump’s response to this concerted attempt to destroy his strategy? As he told the Wall Street Journal on Friday:

  • Trump suggested he might do away with the sanctions – imposed by the Obama administration in late December in response to Moscow’s alleged cyber attacks – if Moscow proves helpful in battling terrorists and reaching other goals important to Washington, the Journal reported. Trump said: “If you get along and if Russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody’s doing some really great things?”

People forget that Donald Trump is an accomplished & confident man. Such men prefer hire those who bring track records of success. Just look at Mr. Trump’s choices for his cabinet – Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, General Mattis as Secretary of Defense, Mr. Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of Treasury, Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary just to name a few. And what is Mr. Trump’s directive to them?

What a contrast with the Obama Administration which demanded cabinet secretaries toe the White House line? Naturally Chris Mathews of MSNBC couldn’t stand it. So he feigned confused wonderment at Trump nominees disagreeing with President Elect Trump about, you know what, Russia. We could be wrong about Mathews. He may actually be confused & not feigned confusion. So, borrowing a phrase of Denzel Washington from the movie “Philadelphia”, we try to explain to Chris Mathews in words that a six-year old from Philadelphia can understand.

Mr. Tillerson told the Congress that instead of treating Russia as an adversary in every sphere, we may be able to cooperate with Russia where our interests coincide with theirs. That is what Mr. Trump wants to do. And that was precisely what President Reagan did with his detente. But detente doesn’t mean peace or lowering of defenses. That is why a diplomacy of detente must be matched with a strong readiness for conflict. And when it comes to a conflict, there is no greater military threat than Russia. After all, Russia is the only country that poses an existential danger to America. That was what General Mattis said in his hearing. This is so consistent that even a six-year old can understand it.   

Perhaps Chris Mathews doesn’t understand it because he was trained to think under President Carter. That is why we sometimes feel guilty in highlighting his follies. But unlike many others who are worse than him, Mathews is so emotionally strident that he sort of invites ridicule. Sad!

Truth be told, the media’s crazy attacks on Donald Trump are actually beneficial to him. To quote a Sanskrut proverb*, gold is repeatedly thrust into the fire by the goldsmith. This trial by fire only increases the glorious luster of gold while the goldsmith’s face is tarred in the process. Guess CNN learned that this week. 


*This Subhashitam or proverb is from Bhaaminee Vilas, an exquisite collection of couplets by Pandit Jagan-Naath of 16th century. The category is called Anya-Ukti-Kalaap, a form in which the poet addresses a group or an act by pretending to ask a different entity.  In this one, the Pandit is reprimanding bad guys who splatter insults or accusations at good people by imagining how 24-carat Gold would address the goldsmith who keeps thrusting Gold into a blazing fire:

किम् माम् क्षिपसि वार शतानि वन्हॊ – why do you thrust me again & again into fire?
संदिप्यते मयि सुवर्ण गुणातिरेको – it merely makes my golden luster even more brilliant
लाभं परम् तव मुखे खलु भस्मपातः – & all you get is a face splattered with coal & ashes


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