Maneka Gandhi – Learn From America & End India’s Gender Apartheid


Yesterday we saw a segment on The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox and immediately thought of Maneka Gandhi, India’s Central Minister of WCD, Women & Children’s Affairs.

According to the segment, a 19-year old woman who had accused two young men of sexually assaulting her recanted her allegations & accepted a plea bargain under which she will spend one year in prison. Watch the five minute clip of the segment to get the story:


The message from the American Justice System is clear & stated clearly by Frank Riccio, attorney for the two falsely accused young men:

  • “… when you lie about a serious incident, it carries serious consequences … “

Martha MacCallum, the Fox anchor, deserves high praise for the fair & sensitive way in which she covered the story, especially the sympathy she expressed for the serious damage done to the two falsely accused young men. She is indeed a lady, in the truest meaning of the term.

We cannot help contrasting Ms. MacCallum with the female anchors in India who fail to display even a fraction of her concern for damage done to men from wilful false allegations of molestation & assaults by women. Women anchors like Nidhi Razdan of NDTV and Barkha Dutt, ex-NDTV & now of Washington Post, have not, to our knowledge. ever discussed the Gender Apartheid implemented against men by Indian Government & Judiciary.

Of course, the real blame falls on the two daughter-in-laws of India’s celebrated Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The horrific Apartheid-like laws against men were legislated & implemented in 2013 under the leadership of the Italian-born white daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi. And they are now being made more draconian under the other all-Indian daughter-in-law Maneka Gandhi who heads the Women & Children’s Affairs ministry.

Under these laws, no evidence is deemed necessary for a molestation & sexual assault charge by a woman against a man. Yes, a man is deemed automatically guilty and imprisoned. Since no evidence is necessary, any male can be charged for molestation. In fact, a two-year old boy was charged in the State of Bihar for molestation of a 35-year old woman. Why would any sensible police department register such  ridiculous case? Because the 2-year old boy was, by definition, a male.

After our protest & probably protests from many others, Minister Maneka Gandhi herself called the Police Chief of that town and got the case against the 2-year old boy dismissed. That is to her credit and she took that credit herself on Twitter:

But Minister Maneka has done nothing since then to legislate or implement policies to address the problem of rampant false accusations of molestation against men. Perhaps because her fief only involves Women & Children and not men.

May be because Minister Maneka doesn’t understand what Fox Anchor Martha MacCallum understands and articulated on her show – tolerance of false accusations by women against men end up hurting the real women victims of sexual assault. She probably knows what almost every Indian now knows – that these draconian laws designed to help women victims have turned molestation accusations into a cottage industry for extortion against men by women.

Other laws in India are so ridiculous that they would be laughed out of any civilized country with even a half justice system – laws which dictate that a women participating in consensual adultery is not responsible for her adultery and the entire blame falls on her male partner Or laws that force the police to arrest the husband & his parents merely on the basis of a complaint of domestic violence without any evidence or investigation, Or the laws that enable a woman to lodge a case of molestation against any man who accidentally bumps into her in the crowded train compartments of Mumbai, so crowded that you can’t even breathe. 

Watch the above clip again and you will hear that the two falsely accused young men were not named in public media. In contrast, any man accused of molestation is named by media and his family is hounded by TV reporters asking his parents, siblings & friends “how do you feel about this?”.

The two falsely accused young American men should be deeply thankful that they live in America. Had they been accused in India, they would have been put in jail just on the initial false accusation and no one would have heard their case for 10 years given the backlog of cases in India’s judicial system.

We hope Minister Maneka Gandhi reads this, watches the above Martha MacCallum clip and learns how a real & fair Justice System works. Otherwise the civilized world will wake up one day and India’s name will be worse than mud all over again, this time for Systematic Apartheid against Men. And all the good hard work being done by her Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, would be washed away in a proverbial instant.


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