Terrorist Attack Against Indian Police in Kashmir – Will Indians Ever Get Rid of “Hindu” Baggage?


This week’s terrorist attack on a convoy of India’s Central Reserve Police Force (“CRPF”) was the worst in two decades of continuous unrelenting terrorist attacks against India in the Indian state of Kashmir. The precise toll is yet undetermined but at least 40 police were killed in this massive car-bomb attack. The Indian Security agencies will learn from this tragic incident & take necessary steps to avoid the next such attack.

1.”Hindu” heritage

We would like to look deeper into this issue to see why India & Indians keep suffering such violence. A big part of it is the pathetic history of India’s “Hindus” at the hands of Muslim invaders from the northwest. The heart & core of “Hindu” India is North India, a vast land of a vast number of people who have lost every single battle fought against Muslims from Afghanistan & Uzbekistan for the past 1,200 years. Each battle was fought by 1-2 provinces at a time against a smarter, more determined force of invaders. While culturally united, these “Hindus” never united against the invading Muslims; the various “Hindu” kings never attacked Afghanistan with a united army. Instead they remained complacent & preferred to fight each other until the next attack came.

Unbelievably, these “Hindus” traits have remained unchanged in the 72 years of Independence from the British. The breakaway state of “Pakistan” has continuously attacked India since it broke away in 1947. The military of this fanatical “Religious-Purity” based state has one & only one goal – restore northwest Muslim rule over “Hindu” India. Think for a moment; since 1948, this terrorist “napak” state has attacked India continuously and at every time they sensed a weakening. The “napak” military attacked India in 1948, 1965, 1971 & in 1999. Every time they suffered a humiliating defeat. Yet, the “Hindus” of India did not keep any of the territory they had won in these wars. A series of Indian Governments kept giving back lands they had won with the blood of Indian soldiers. And, not even once in the past 72 years, has the Indian army been allowed to attack this fanatically religious bigoted anti-“Hindu” state.

See, the 1,200 year old “Hindu” heritage lives on proudly in today’s modernity-seeking India. No wonder the “Hindu”-hating Muslim fanatics of “religious-purity” state feel totally secure in attacking India. All they have suffered is temporary verbal outrage from India and the rest of the world.

They may be fanatics & intense haters of “Hindus” but they are and have always been smart. After the humiliating defeat in 1999, the “napak” army changed its tactics. Instead of attacking the Indian Army, they began attacking India’s civil administration via terrorist attacks. And why not? Nothing good can be said about utterly corrupt, totally incompetent civil administration in India. The ministers of state governments ONLY care about winning the next election. So cultivating vote banks, especially Muslim vote banks, is critical to them. The Civil Administration Service is, if that’s possible, is even more corrupt & more incompetent than the elected politicians.

So the “napaki” Army and its even more fanatical Intelligence Service have had a field day conducting terrorist attacks in India. The “Hindu” majority does get angry & vocal after each terrorist attack but that anger subsides and life goes on. Even the angriest of “Hindus” do not want a war against the “napaki” state because that would hamper their own economic well being. 

And, above all, what happens in Kashmir is so far away from the states in which they live. So they are content to leave it to the Government. And the police & soldiers who die in these terrorist attacks come from the lower economic classes of “Hindu” society. So the outrage is mainly intellectual & not felt personally. The picture below says it best:

2. All is local, nothing national except entertainment

India is a collection of states of different in language, customs & nature. These states are bound together by common Dharma ( a much broader concept than religion), a common sense of heritage unity often represented via sports & cultural entertainment. BUT, this unity has not generated a sense of all India belongs to each Indian.  

Indians migrate from state to state & to other countries for personal & family-based economic reasons. But Indians never migrate to other states or countries for the sake of their country, Dharma or for any non-family reasons. The Dhaarmic or religious convictions of “Hindus” are felt & expressed personally not collectively. This is why Muslim attacks that led to forced conversions of “Hindus” in one state or region never, in the last 1200 years,  led to “Hindus” in other states rushing to protect “Hindus” of other states.  

And it still does not. “Hindus” in every state sleep soundly despite hearing how their brother “Hindus” are being coerced into conversions by monies sent from other countries. This lack, this utter indifference to collective “Hinduism” is the single worst trait of “Hindus” and is the root cause of the sheer impunity of the terrorist violence inflicted in Kashmir. 

3. Muslim-“Hindu” ;  India vs. China

Even a cursory look at India over the past 1,200 years shows that wherever Muslims achieved numerical majority, they cleansed “Hindus” out of those areas. This pattern was rejuvenated after the break-up of the Indian subcontinent. Millions of “Hindus”were cleansed out of fanatically Muslim “pak-i-stan” and BanglaDesh.

This brings us directly to Kashmir. After Independence, Kashmir was the ONLY state in India with a Muslim majority. The insipid, cowardly Indian politicians, who at that time were solely interested in getting patted on their heads by their colonial British masters, took no steps to make Kashmir an Indian majority state like all others. Actually, to secure their Muslim vote bank, the Indian politicians created a statute to forbid Indians from the rest of India to move into Kashmir. And they tacitly encouraged fanatical Muslims in Kashmir to methodically cleanse “Hindus” out of Kashmir. And, true to form, “Hindus” from the rest of India did not care.

The Indian Government did not even look at what China had begun doing in 1949 in Xinjiang, the now-Chinese province that borders Kashmir. Almost immediately after China annexed Xinjiang, the Chinese Government began relocating hundreds of thousands of Han Chinese in Xinjiang. As a result, Muslim Uighur community is a minority in Xinjiang.

In contrast, look at the statement of the Chief Minister of Panjab, the Indian State adjacent to Kashmir:

Panjab is a martial state and the Panjabis form the largest component of the Indian Army. So, on one hand, the above statement can be construed as positive. But read it again and you will see why this statement shows the “local nature” mindset of Indians.

The above statement shows how the Panjab Chief Minister can only think of his own state and not about his neighbor state of Kashmir. The Chief Minister did NOT say how his bigger & more equipped police force can go into Kashmir & help eradication of terrorism on Kashmir. He did not say he will form an organization of Panjabis to go into Kashmir to help change the Muslim majority in Kashmir.

Think for a minute – Panjab, Haryana, UP & Rajasthan, the four states that are closest to Kashmir could organize hundreds of thousands of unemployed youth to migrate to Kashmir & take up residence there. If these four states begin, other Indian states will join the effort and Kashmir will become truly Indian again. There is enough money in India to finance & support such a mission.

But no one in India can even think like this, let alone act as China did in 1949. This is what we mean about “Hindu” heritage & baggage. None of the “Hindu” rulers of these states in the last 1,200 years ever ventured north out of their own regions. So naturally Chief Minister Amarinder Singh cannot even think in this direction. All he can do is talk about his own state, the state which, by the way, has always been defeated by Afghans for the past 1,200 years.

But simple migration is not enough. So look at what China is doing in Xinjiang. Looking at it from a humanitarian way, the reported internment of over a million Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang is morally outrageous. But looking at it from a national security angle, China defends it on the grounds of eliminating “separatism”.

There is no chance the Indian Government will even think like this. First the entire Indian administration lives mainly to be patted on the head by the western countries. Secondly, the Chinese methods require single-mindedness of purpose which the Indian political system discourages.

So the only solution to the pan-Indian problem of Muslim terrorism is re-conversion of Muslims into the Indian Dharma. The reality is that virtually all Muslims in India were coerced into conversion to Islam via 1,200 years of constant invasions. During this long period, only one-way conversions were allowed – Muslim to Hindu. Any Muslim trying to reconvert back to “Hindu” would be put to death and “Hindus” who converted to Islam would be rewarded financially & economically. 

Will Indians ever to reverse this process and begin a national movement to brings back these “Hindu-Muslims” into the Indian Dharma? If they not, not only will Muslim terrorism in Kashmir continue but similar Muslim terrorism will begin in other parts of India. After all, ISIS is now in Afghanistan & the normal progress of fanatical Islam is southward from Afghanistan into the Indian Subcontinent. 

4. Does Indian Electocracy Help Non-Pakistan?

This summer India will hold a national election. And any one who knows even a bit about India knows that all elections in India are about vote banks & how much economic largesse is thrown at Indian voters. No Indian politician ever won an election by telling voters that India needs to spend a lot on its military & so his voters should not expect economic help.

This is one reason why the Indian Air Force, the absolute key to all victories over Napakistan, is almost depleted now. It is smaller today than it was in 1999. You simply cannot win an election promising to make India militarily stronger. The Indian voters want better economic conditions for their families above all and certainly above far away terrorism in Kashmir.

 5. So?

So we think the terrorism in Kashmir will continue in a localized manner. The Indian Government will take steps they can and the state will continue to ferment. Hopefully, the Indian people will keep the pressure on their government to maintain the hard line. We may even see economic pressure on and boycotts of global multinationals who do business in & with Napakistan.

On the other hand, the pressure on India from terrorism will continue to increase. The imminent departure of US troops from Afghanistan will certainly lead to greater US dependence on the napaki military. Heck, that government may even get a loan from the IMF for “helping” US in exiting from Afghanistan. Such return to US grace may encourage the napaki military to actually increase terrorist operations against India, both in Kashmir & in the rest of the country.

6. Ultimate “Hindu” baggage of Indians or Sindhavs

Frankly, is there a society that is & remains as much of a bootlicker of foreign influence?

The Muslims of the Middle East, Arabs & Iranians, came up with three derogatory names for people they had defeated & wiped from their lands – Yehudi for Jews, Habshi for Black Africans & Hindus for Indians. All these three names did have connections to these people but the tone & intention of Arab Muslims was entirely derogatory.

Look around the world today – Jewish people don’t call themselves Yehudi and, out of respect for their economic success & Israeli military image, no one in the world uses the Yehudi term in public. Have you ever heard of the Habshi term used in global discourse for Black Africans? Of course not. 

But every one in the world still calls Indians as “Hindus” and, horror of horrors, Indians call themselves as “Hindus”. After all, their Muslim conqueror rulers called them “Hindus” for the past 1,200 years and, more importantly, their white British masters also called then “Hindus”.

Understand how servile & brainwashed today’s Indian are! They have been trained to believe that their real name is “Hindu” and not “Indian”. Today’s Brit-brainwashed Indians actually think there is a difference between Indian & Hindu.

The original & real name is Sindhu – the name of the Sindhu Dharma, culture-philosophy-religion. The name of the people of that Dharma is Sindhav, the natural grammatical derivative just as Manav means the descendants of Manu, Raghav means the descendants of Raghu & Yadav means the descendants of Yadu.

The ancient Greeks changed names* they encountered in India to end in “us”. The name “Sindhu” was changed to Indus, which led to the derivative Indian. This was even before Alexander of Macedon and probably during the days of Herodotus. So the term Indian for India’s ethos & people stands for Sindhav people. 

The Iranians & Arabs changed “Sindhu” to Hindu and never bothered to use any derivative to name the people. They merely used the term “Hindu” to refer to anything Sindhav or Indian.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said on US TV some time ago that “they call us Jews because we came from Judea“. Which Indian Prime Minister has stated clearly that “they call us Indians because we came from the Indus River area” or more clearly that “they call us Sindhav because we came from the Sindhu“. 

Everybody knows this in India & Indian Government, but no one has the courage to say it. To be politically correct and to not risk losing any votes, every Indian politician keeps repeating the “Hindu” baggage imposed on them by Afghan-Uzbek conquerors.

Now ask yourselves – if Indian society & India’s leaders can’t even get rid of their Muslim-imposed name, then how can they ever get rid of the Afghan Muslim terrorism baggage?

This is why you can’t expect anything to change in India. It is their traditional fate to be killed by Afghan-led Muslim terrorists. They will get angry, they will scream in public but, in private, they will be happy their own families were not hurt and keep watching Napakistani cricket & Bollywood films. And they will feel happy when their Brit & western masters keep patting them on their heads for being so tolerant.

Then, perhaps in another 20 years, when another Indian generation comes to power in a richer India, India might act differently. But nothing will happen until then. 


* The ruler of the small border kingdom defeated by Alexander was Paurav, (a descendant of Puru). Greeks changed it to Porus. Schoolchildren in today’s India are still trained to call him Porus instead of Paurav. As we said, which society on earth is so utterly foreign-servile?


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