A Big Turn? Higher in Space after a 500 year Base?


There is no one greater than Bhagvaan Sri Ram in the hearts & minds of the Sindhav or Indians as the Greeks called them. Ramanand Sagar, a Bollywood producer/director, was selected in 1970s to do a serial on Ramayan, the epic story of Sri Ram. He was overcome with devotion & joy. Everything he had done before paled before the opportunity that he felt was given to him by God. His Ramayan was simple but true. We still remember how all of India stayed at home on Sunday morning to watch the serial. Streets of usually bustling Mumbai were deserted.

1. Timurid-Mongol Atrocity & British Imposition

Despite this deep love & devotion, Indians had to suffer the sight of a mosque built at the site of the ancient Ram temple that was on the site believed to be his birthplace.That mosque was built by Zahir ud-din Muhammed Babur in early 1500s to stamp his Timurid-Mongol subjugation of North Indians. What better way to do but by demolishing the Sri Ram temple at his birthplace & building a mosque there.

Those who don’t understand the enormity of it should imagine Israel destroying the Mosque at Mecca & erecting a Synagogue there or America destroying the mosque at Mecca & building a church at that site. Had that been done, would Muslims ever have forgotten that? Would the Muslims not yearn for the day they would reestablish the mosque at Mecca?

And look what European Christians did in the 15th century. Spanish & Portuguese rulers destroyed all mosques that had been built during Muslim conquests of the past couple of hundred years. Today, the Church at Cordoba, Spain shines in glory. And its reconstruction after demolishing the mosque at that location is deemed just. And the act of reclaiming Spain & Portugal for Christianity led to a global expansion by Spain in South America & by Portugal in Asia.

Coincidentally as Christians were reclaiming Spain & Portugal from Muslim occupation, Muslim Timurid Mongols invaded India under the leadership of Zahir Ud-din Muhammed Babur. His grandson Jalal Ud-din Muhammed completed the subjugation of North India. The British called them Mughals (a Persian term) & praised them all over the world to justify their own subjugation of India. After the physical independence of India in 1947, Prime Minister Nehru, the most Brit-servile leader of his time, continued all British traditions.

During this Brit-servile rule of the Congress party, the sight & the symbolism of Babur’s mosque at the birthplace of Sri Ram rankled all Indians. Slowly the resentment grew & finally in 1992 the dam broke. The All-Indian political parties led by BJP stormed the site & destroyed the mosque. But the question of ownership of that land remained in question.

2. Landmark ruling by the Indian Supreme Court

Today, in an increasingly mentally independent India, the Supreme Court of India, itself a Brit-spirited institution, finally ruled in favor of Indians in India. The Court recognized the evidence provided by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) that a non-Islamic building was beneath the structure of the destroyed Babur built mosque. In an elaborate verdict, the Court gave the land to Indians in an unanimous decision and allocated a different land of the same size to the Sunni Muslim Board that previously claimed the site.

Reportedly the Sunni Muslim Waqf Board has accepted the Supreme Court’s verdict and a rubicon has been crossed. Citizens of India of all faiths welcomed this just decision that, many argue could only have happened in India. Witness:

This is one of the best examples of the power & resilience of India’s Democracy. This big turn was demanded by the Indian people & accepted by all the people of India. Prime Minister Modi struck the right tone in his address to India:


3. Mental Independence of India

We called PM Modi’s landslide victory in May 2019 as a mental independence of India from centuries of British & Iranian-Uzbeki mental domination. Look what has already happened. PM Modi finally integrated Jammu, Kashmir Valley & Ladakh into India ending their separate & lower status that was imposed by Brit-servile Nehru. Only a mentally independent India could have done that.

Now the Indian Supreme Court has given a just & definitive verdict. So we hope a magnificent Ram Mandir (temple) will be built soon at the birthplace of Bhagvaan Sri Ram. Yogi AdityaNath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, understands the economic & nationalistic importance of a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Look how he celebrated Diwali in Ayodhya on the banks of the Saryu River, the river in which Bhagvaan Sri Ram ended his Avataar on earth.

(550,000 lamps lit in Saryu River with a laser show)

He understands with PM Modi that tourism itself could transform the economy of that mammoth but underdeveloped state, tourism not only from within India and the Indian Diaspora but from all of Asia that celebrates ancient Ayodhya, from Thailand to Vietnam.

It is our expectant hope that the reestablishment of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya ends up signaling a secular turn to the upside for India. If so, how high can India go after a 500-year basing pattern? We will see in 10-20 years.  

4. Ayodhya – Built by Manu himself

By the way Ayodhya is an ancient city. created by Manu himself. To those who don’t know, Manu was the sole survivor of the great flood that ravaged the previous civilization, the flood that is described from Middle East to Latin America. That great flood took place in the greatest & most unstable of snow reservoirs on earth, the Himalayan Range. Manu built a boat & tied it to the horn of a great whale who swam to the top of the flood raging waters to carry Manu & his boat to safety.

That is why Manu’s descendants are called Maanav in Sanskrut & that word, according to Linguists we have spoken to, was converted to Mann in German & Man in English as a part of the Indo-European language group.

Speaking personally, we have heard of the description of Ayodhya & Saryu River composed by the great poet Maadgulkar. Some day, we will get the chance to see Saryu River but only after the much awaited Ram Mandir is built.


PS: Our own mental independence step

  • We have forsaken the Iranian-Arab created servile term Hindu. Jews have discarded the pejorative Arab-Iranian term Yahudi & Africans have discarded the Arab-Iranian pejorative term Habshi.
  • Indian culture & ethos springs from the great river Sindhu and the people of that culture & ethos are called Sindhav (like descendants of Manu are called Maanav & descendants of Raghu are called Raaghav).
  • Greeks from Herodotus called Sindhu river as Indus & hence the people became known as Indians.
  • The Iranian-Arabs changed Sindhu to Hindu but in contempt kept calling the people as Hindus. The British used this pejorative name & created an artificial distinction between Hindus & Indians.
  • It is NOW TIME to get rid of the pejorative servile name Hindu and reclaim Sindhav & Indian as true names that speak of a great tradition.



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