Is “Secular” Really “Sickular”? Where China & Global Elite concur?


Something amazing is happening in Nepal. Despite all the anti-Hindu hatred in the Western Media, it seems Muslims, at least in one “secular” state, are demanding that their country be reinstated as a “Hindu” State.

As the Economic Times reported this week,

  • “In an unusual move, Muslims in Nepal have backed the ongoing campaign for reinstating the country’s erstwhile Hindu identity, saying they are more “secure” under a Hindu state than under a secular Constitution.”

Why? Amjad Ali, chairman of the Rapti Muslim Society, said: 

  • It is to protect Islam. I have opened my mouth demanding that Nepal be declared a Hindu state in order to protect my own religion,”

He is not alone. Babu Khan Pathan, chairperson of the Rastrabadi Muslim Manch Nepalgunj, was quoted as saying,

  • “We don’t need a secular identity, but want to see the country called Hindu State as this ensures safety and security for all, … Turning the country secular is nothing but a design to break the longstanding unity among Muslims and Hindus. So there is no alternative to reinstating the country’s old Hindu State identity in order to allow fellow citizens to live with religious tolerance”

The reality is Muslims in the Indian Subcontinent have lived with the Hindu majority for centuries and their experience is quite good. They have been free to practice their religion without any government or majority pressure or intervention. Not just Muslims, but Jewish refugees who came to India 800 years ago from the Middle East have been freely & openly practicing their religion in India. 

One reason for the demand of Nepali Muslims is reportedly the entry of Christian converters in Nepal. This may be true but it can’t be such an overwhelmingly important reason for Muslims to prefer a Hindu state in Nepal. 

We believe that one unspoken reason is the fear of China. The current “secularism” drive is from Nepal’s communist dominated government that receives funding & support from China. Xinjiang is quite close to Nepal across Tibet. So Muslims in Nepal are well aware of how China is treating Muslim Uighurs. Given that, would you want China’s version of “secularism” in Nepal if you were a Nepali Muslim. We think not. 

Remember how “secular” was defined? It was designed to be an antonym of ecclesiastical, a word that is derived from Greek ekklesia meaning Church and used to define areas that were outside the purview of Church Doctrine.

So why & how does the Chinese Communist Party use the “secular” term? The party abhors religion & is determined to eradicate religious doctrines that place God & Religion above the Party. So China uses “secular” as an antonym of “religious”. 

Muslims in Nepal see this clearly and that is why they are joining forces with the Hindu majority that wants Nepal to be what it has been for thousands of years, a Hindu State.

This transformation of “secular” into a term that denotes absence or rejection of religion has been gaining ground in U.S. Universities & in globally elite think tanks. So in India, their followers define “secularism” to mean rejection of Hindu religion. This is a reason why Hindus now refer to “secular” as “sickular”.

Similarly in the US elite “intellectual” circles, “secular” has now become a code-word for rejection of Christian religion as a foundational belief. Laura Ingraham of Fox has been pointing this out for some time and she is right.

This drive to reduce & possibly eliminate religion as a belief system makes Western elite intellectual goals congruent with those of the Chinese communist party. Add to that the money poured into US universities & Chinese attempts to place “scholars” in US think tanks and you will see why the US “intellectual” elite have never voiced serious condemnation of or even opposition to China.  


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