Happy Deepavali & Happy New Year

This weekend marks the beginning of Deepavali, the most important festival in Indian Dharma.
Like all Indian precepts, the message of Deepavali is universal. It transcends all faiths and beliefs. Deepavali celebrates the victory of Good over Evil, something humankind has prayed for since its existence.

The Samskrut word Deepavali literally means a row of lights. As in the case of many Samskrut words, the word Deepavali was transformed into Diwali for easier pronunciation. Diwali is also the beginning of Vikram Samvat, the Indian Lunar Year.

In the Indian tradition, Deepavali is a joyous celebration full of color and light. The Raangoli and colorful lanterns light up Indo-Global houses worldwide. All bad feelings are to be shunned and focus in on good things within people.


Last year, Deepavali was celebrated in the White House by President Obama. This time, the President will get to celebrate Deepavali in India. Our very best wishes for the success of his trip and the next phase of the Indo-US partnership. And,

Our Very Best of Wishes for a Happy Diwali & Happy New Year to all our Readers.

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