Have a Great Fourth of July

The photo below is a wonderful way to celebrate the eve of this July 4th. As veterans of 9/11, nothing to us captures the spirit of American Independence as the bravery and sheer confidence of New York City.


What stood out to us in the weeks after 9/11 was the determination and bravery of New York firefighters.  This past week, 19 equally brave firefighters gave their lives to protect their land and people from the massive forest fires in Arizona. We salute them. May they rest in peace.

Professor Nouriel Roubini is often described as Dr. Doom for his bearish but usually correct forecasts. With his tweet below and with the above photo embedded in his tweet, he became Dr. Sunshine to us on the eve of this July 4th.

  • @Nouriel Nouriel Roubini – New York New York on the eve of July 4th pic.twitter.com/q5SgU2Ooer

Have a Great 4th, everybody.

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