Snoop Dogg in Bollywood – In Akshay Kumar’s new film “Singh is Kingg”

Bollywood and Hollywood are getting closer and closer. Snoop Dogg makes a guest appearance in a song in Akshay Kumar’s new film “Singh is Kingg”. A fusion of hip-hop and bhangra with a simple chorus (“Singh is Kinng, Singh is Kinng, Singh is Kinng”), the song features Snoop Dogg giving “what up to all the ladies hanging out in Mumbai”.

According to an article by Heather Timmons in the New York Times, Geffen Records owns the distribution rights to the song in the United States,Canada and may release it later this year as part of a compilation.

“I really dig how much music is infused with the movies” in Bollywood, Snoop Dogg said in an e-mailed response to questions by the New York Times. “Lots of hip-hop tracks sample Indian music, and a lot of their music sounds like it was influenced by hip-hop,” he said.

Like Snoop Dogg, we really dig how much music is infused with Bollywood movies. This is why this blog makes it a point to show as many Bollywood song clips as possible.

Readers might recall that Will Smith said recently “The songs and dances in Bollywood movies are just amazing”. (see our article “Will Smith In and On Bollywood – July 12).

So, readers, do click on the YouTube clips and enjoy the songs as you read the articles in this blog. You will be in the company of Hollywood stars when you do.

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