CNBC Management, Listen to Erin Burnett – Let Jim Cramer & Rick Santelli Train CNBC Anchors

On July 23, 2008, Erin Burnett of CNBC hosted a debate on “Job Training: U.S. vs. India” with Vivek Wadhwa, author of “How the Disciple Became the Guru,” and Ron Hira, outsourcing expert and professor at Rochester Institute of Technology (

In this debate, Vivek Wadhwa lauded the training given by Indian Companies to their employees and suggested that American Companies provide such training to their employees in America. One of his specific suggestions was that American Companies should provide a “two week training” period per year just like they provide a “two week vacation” period per year.

Erin Burnett seemed to concur wholeheartedly and pointed out that she “went through a two month intense training in accounting” from her employer.

CNBC Management, listen to Erin Burnett and provide CNBC Anchors with an intense training program in Investment Management. The first topic could be “Role of US Treasuries in a Well-Balanced  Investment Portfolio”.

Please do not construe this suggestion as either sarcastic or snide in any way. It is meant very seriously and we hope you act on it.  In our earlier article*, we have made our case that CNBC Anchors (Erin Burnett included) do not understand how safe and liquid US Treasuries can provide attractive returns to investors. In addition, unlike other debt securities, Treasuries benefit from the sort of credit crunch that is afflicting US Economy and Global Markets.

Erin Burnett, despite what Mr. Bill Gross told you on your show, US Treasuries are in a beautiful Bull Market as an asset class.  See! If you had the training we suggest, you could have corrected Mr. Gross on your show or at least challenged him. 

CNBC Management, you do not have to go outside CNBC to find excellent trainers. You have Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli.

These two were the only CNBC professionals to call for the top in interest rates in July 2007 and these two were the only CNBC professionals to suggest further interest rate cuts by the Bernanke Fed on September 5, 2008. In contrast, on the same day, Rebecca Jarvis, a new anchor, hosted a panel discussion on “Is the Fed policy too loose?”. Maybe, Ms. Jarvis should be the first anchor to receive training from Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli!

CNBC Management, if you provide all your anchors with the training we suggest, they would be able to help their viewers more effectively. The viewers would thank you and then, perhaps, you could thank us.

Editor’s Note: * The article we reference is – “Are CNBC Anchors on a Mission Against US Treasuries – A Viewer’s Perspectives” – August 23, 2008 ––a-viewers-perpsectives.aspx

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