Waqt (1965) – First, Evergreen, Evergreat

The Bollywood movie is Waqt. This the greatest and the simplest tribute we can pay to an evergreen and evergreat film which was a pioneering film when released in 1965. Waqt is one of our all-time favorite films.

By writing about Waqt today, we wish to pay homage to the legendary Bollywood moviemaker, B.R. Chopra. Mr. Chopra  passed away this week on November 5, 2008 at the age of 94.  His career was truly great in its span, in the collection of terrific films he directed and produced and in the number of today’s Bollywood greats that he inspired, including his younger brother, Yash Raj Chopra. He also made the TV serial Maha-Bharat which became of the most successful TV serials in Indian Television History. Mr. Yash Raj Chopra went on to become a great director, producer and his company Yash Raj Films is probably the greatest banner in Bollywood today. 

Mr. B.R. Chopra produced Waqt and he selected his younger brother Yash Raj Chopra to direct the film. The rest, as they say is history. Waqt pioneered the concept of films with multiple stars with Sunil Dutt, Raj Kumar, Balraj Sahani and Shashi Kapoor as male stars and Sadhana, Sharmila Tagore and Achala Sachdev as female stars. Waqt also pioneered the formula of lost and reunited brothers which became the staple plot of Bollywood for years to come.

The production and direction of Waqt is superb. It is an extraordinarily elegant film. You can watch it today (& we strongly suggest you do) and feel that the story is as fresh and current today as it was in 1965. The final Court Room scenes and the cross examination by Sunil Dutt are gripping.

Waqt took the top Box-office honors in 1965 and won several awards:

  • Filmfare Best Director Award – Yash Chopra

  • Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – Raj Kumar

  • Filmfare Best Story Award – Akhtar Mirza

  • Filmfare Best Dialogue Award – Akhtar-ul-Uman

  • Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award for a Colour Film – Dharam Chopra

  • Filmfare Nomination for Best Film

  • Filmfare Nomination for Best Actress- Sadhana

The music of Waqt is simply awesome. All the songs became hits and have remained hits even after 43 years. We simply have to share our 5 favorites with you.

Waqt was and is the absolute pinnacle of its genre. Regardless of your nationality, ethnicity and language, get a DVD of the original Waqt (1965)*, and watch it. 

The opening qawali of Waqt is an all-time classic.

The last song of the film is an elegant song at a party thrown to celebrate the launch of Sunil Dutt and the disclosure of his lineage.

The first private meeting between Raj Kumar and Sadhana.

An exquisite song that shows the romance between Sunil Dutt and Sadhana.

Sadhana expressing her feelings upon her engagement with Sunil Dutt.

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