Have The Virtues Of Indian Society Become Its Vices Today? – New Series

Indian Society of today, as it has through the ages, reflects the virtues and vices of Indian Religion.  We begin a new series that looks analytically at Indian Society and ask whether its timeless, universal virtues have become its vices today.

We use the word Indian in its most rigorous etymological and historical sense. As we have explained in previous articles – the word ‘India” was an English derivation of the word “Sindhu”, the great river that flows from the Himalayan Mountains through Kashmir, Panjab, Sindh into the Arabian Sea. The banks of this great river were the seat of the various “Ashram” or schools established by the great Sages or “Rushi”s of India. Their thoughts, their contemplations of the meaning of life, of God formed the basis of Indian Religion and Culture.

We examine some of the core axioms of Indian thought, discuss their virtues and examine whether these virtues have indeed been made into vices that have tied up today’s Indian society in mental bondage.

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