Blog Name Change – “Macro Viewpoints” Of A Cinema Rasik

We have always been impressed with Cinema’s ability to change the way a story is viewed, to present it in a different and often illuminating way. The Cinema tends to visualize an issue or an event very differently from the way the participants see it.

Look at the way Francis Ford Coppola changed our view of the Italian Mafia by his film “Godfather”. The Dharavi slum has been an integral part of Mumbai for decades. See how Danny Boyle changed its image by looking at it differently in his film “Slumdog Millionaire”.

This is how a Cinema Viewpoint can find different ways to focus on the essence of a subject, or it’s true “Ras”.  This is the sort of viewpoint we aspire to bring to the readers of this blog. This is why we named it “Cinema Rasik”.

This is why we began with a series of articles that challenged the conventional thinking about Hollywood Films being better than the song & dance filled Bollywood flicks. We brought to our readers a series of reviews that showed how recent Bollywood Interpretations were actually better and more enjoyable than the Hollywood Originals. This is the viewpoint we brought to our readers when we compared America’s occupation of Iraq with China’s occupation of Tibet.

But, the fact that we have to write such a long explanation for our blog name proves to us that Cinema Rasik is no longer the most appropriate name for our blog. Many readers have already told us so.

So, we listen to our readers and rename our blog as “Macro Viewpoints”, a more traditional name for what we write. However, in our byline, we continue to stress that ours is a different view from the traditional, a view with the distance and perspective of a cinema director’s lens or simply the view of a Rasik of Cinema.

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