Drinking & Yog* – A Reader’s Response to My Non-Exercise LifeStyle Article

On August 9, I had written an article about why I chose a Non-Exercise Lifestyle and how it has helped my health. It was purely a personal article. Some readers thought it was funny.

But, a few readers were apparently riled. One such reader sent me a humorous “response” to my article by illustrating why Drinking (alcohol) is better than Yog. 

Research Confirms That Drinking Gives You The Same benefits As Yog – A Reader’s Missive

Savasan – Position of Total Relaxation

Balasan – Position that brings the sensation of Peace & Calm

Setu Bandh Sarvangasan – Position that calms the brain & heals tired legs

Marjayasan – Position that stimulates the Midrift area and the Spinal Column

Halasan – Excellent for Back Pain & Insomnia

Dolphin – Excellent for the Shoulder area, Thorax, Legs & Arms

Salambhasan – Exercise to stimulate Lumbar Area, Legs & Arms

Anand Balasan – Excellent for massaging the Hip area

Malasan – Excellent for Ankles & Back muscles


Investing is one of my passions. In that vein, I wonder whether the pictures on the right portray the hangover that stock investors get after the market collapses. Investing in a wild uptrending stock market is even more intoxicating than drinking. But the hangover of the subsequent bear market can be feel like the pictures on the right. Bond Investors need the patience of a Yogi during the stock market’s ebullient phase. But in the subsequent bear market, they have inner peace that the Yogini Women show in the pictures on the left.

The real pursuit is for Inner Peace. I get it by my way of Non-Exercise. Others should find their own way to Inner Peace.    

PS: We do not suggest that the pictures or the captions belong to our reader or to his creativity. They were probably sent to him by some one else. He used these to poke fun at me. But whoever created this comparison is a creative mind indeed. 

Editor’s Note:

We have stopped using the superfluous and damaging “a” suffix. The real spelling is Yog and not Yoga, as it is used so wantonly. If you doubt us, pronounce Yoga and then pronounce Yog, with an elongated “O” sound. You will see the distinct difference in breathing. So why keep spelling it wrong? Yogi is a man who practices (or has mastered) Yog and Yogini is a woman who practices (or has mastered) Yog.

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