Step Aside Fantasy Football, Here Comes Fantasy Cricket

Within 9 months of its launch, the Fantasy Cricket site has signed over 450,000 registered users with over 9 million page views per month. Fantasy football has been played by millions for a few years now, with users often looking for lineup optimizer nfl to create the best team possible. The growth in fantasy football usage brought the idea of creating the same thing for other sports like cricket and basketball. These users are spending an average of 16-20 minutes on the web site per visit. We thank the Wall Street Journal for this facts and for publishing the lovely article A Wicked (Virtual) Googly by Nando Di Fino on the WSJ website. game – source WSJ article

This article is not just sports but about sports business as well. After all, its tag line says
“What Fantasy Veterans Can Learn From a New Cricket Game Catching On in India.”

Only sports aficionados can appreciate the scale of Cricket madness in India. Add to that the explosive growth of internet in India and you have the potential for a great business in Dream11,com. As the WSJ article writes, “if just 5% of Indians decide to try fantasy cricket, the number will double North American fantasy sports participation. And if it works in India, there are cricket fans in England, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East”. 

Read this article to get the real flavor of Thank you Nando Di Fino and for this article. 

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