The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Isn’t that like a Reluctant Nazi?

It was not long ago when a regime created a concept that one religion and one ethnic group were the root cause of all trouble in their land. The regime was Nazi Germany and the ethnic group were Jews.  The propaganda of the regime was persistent, pernicious and soon it infected the entire German society.  All the ills, real and imagined, were blamed on the German Jews. Though peaceful citizens & residents of Germany for generations, the Jewish people were defined to be of a different blood and radically different from Germans.

Many Germans who described themselves as ordinary, patriotic, good Germans saw nothing wrong in targeting Jews who were held responsible for so much evil, for such damage to Germany and Europe. In those days, a Nazi German writer could have called himself the Reluctant Nazi, a moderate man who was driven to hate Jews not due to his own nature but by historical ills inflicted by the Jews on his land.

Today, European Nazis seem banished to the extremist fringe in Europe and Nazism is globally condemned, even by newspapers like the Washington Post which tend to support governments, often of the worst kind.

Instead, today’s ideology is Religious Fundamentalism, the Arabu kind. It’s chief ideological inspiration comes from Saudi Arabia but the regime that sponsors it, that creates the propaganda to foster it, that exports it, is the so-called Land-of-Pure regime, the literal and spiritual translation of the word Pak-i-Stan.

The concept behind this regime’s name, the concept that created this regime and the concept that sustains this regime is worse than the Nazi concept, if that can be imagined. The Nazis considered themselves to be a master race and the master race needs subordinate races to serve them. But the “Pak” concept is far more heinous. It argues that the Na-Pak or the Im-Pure have to be killed because they are Na-Pak. In this regime, the ultimate invective is calling some one Na-Pak. Last year, the Taleban and the Pakistani Army engaged in a propaganda battle in which both accused each other of being Na-Pak.

This concept of Pak has been fed to the people of West Panjab, Sindh and Pashtunistan for the last 60 years and now it has infected the subconscious of that society. As a result, religious cleansing of that land has been that society’s accepted policy. First the so-called Hindus were cleansed out of the Land-of-Pure, then the modern, semi-secular Ahamadiya Muslims. In fact the Land-of-Pure is the only regime in the world that has banned the existence of the Ahamadiya religious faith.

Then, this Land-of-Pure turned on its Bengali Population and engaged in Nazi like killings in East Bengal. A Time magazine article on August 2, 1971 quoted a US official “It is the most incredible, calculated thing since the days of the Nazis in Poland.”

We encourage all to read this 1971 article in Time Magazine . It is history that should never be forgotten. We quote one paragraph below:

  • The evidence of the bloodbath is all over East Pakistan. Whole sections of cities lie in ruins from shelling and aerial attacks. In Khalishpur, the northern suburb of Khulna, naked children and haggard women scavenge the rubble where their homes and shops once stood. Stretches of Chittagong’s Hizari Lane and Maulana Sowkat Ali Road have been wiped out. The central bazaar in Jessore is reduced to twisted masses of corrugated tin and shattered walls. Kushtia, a city of 40,000, now looks, as a World Bank team reported, “like the morning after a nuclear attack.” In Dacca, where soldiers set sections of the Old City ablaze with flamethrowers and then machine-gunned thousands as they tried to escape the cordon of fire, nearly 25 blocks have been bulldozed clear, leaving open areas set incongruously amid jam-packed slums. For the benefit of foreign visitors, the army has patched up many shell holes in the walls of Dacca University, where hundreds of students were killed. But many signs remain. The tank-blasted Rehab Police Barracks, where nearly 1,000 surrounded Bengali cops fought to the last, is still in ruins.

This article should remind readers what happens when an entire society is brainwashed in a Land-of-Pure or a Supra-Nazi ideology. The breakup of its country in 1971 did not change the nature of the Land-of-Pure regime. In fact, it made it worse. Within a decade of this breakup, this Supra-Nazi regime embraced the Al-Qaeda philosophy of Osama Bin Laden and gave him shelter. From this Al Qaeda philosophy, arose the Taleban, a group that has taken the Land-of-Pure philosophy to its next level.

Yet, like the Nazis of the 1930s, the propaganda machine of the Supra-Nazi Land-of-Pure society finds others to blame, this time the Hindus of India. The travails of the Pak-i-stani society, the poverty, the brainwashed school system and the steady embrace of religious fundamentalism is now blamed on secular India, populated by the most Na-Pak people on earth, the Hindus.

Most people do not understand the Supra-Nazi hatred of Hindus by the Land-of-Pure society. The so-called Hindus are Kafirs, the Non-Believers in the existence of One Chosen Book. Because of this crime, they are beneath all other people, indeed beneath the right to live as humans. As President Ahamadinejad wrote to President Bush, the Christians and Jews are believers in One Chosen Book. They might believe in the wrong book, but they are believers. The Na-Pak Hindus are NOT believers in One Chosen Book and so as ultimate Kafirs, they need to be put to death, so teach the religious fundamentalists of the Land-of-Pure.

Like the Nazi propaganda of the 1930s, today’s Pak-i-stani propaganda describes Hindus of India as the root cause of all evil in their regime. It is the Hindus that are responsible for the deep poverty of Pak-i-Stan, it is the Hindus that are responsible for the religious hatred that is sweeping that Land-of-Pure, it is the Hindus that are responsible for the war of the Pashtuns against the Pak-Panjabis, the list goes on.

Last week, we read a “moderate” writer from the Land-of-Pure describe himself as the author of the Reluctant Fundamentalist. What you ask is a Reluctant Fundamentalist? A man presumably driven against his own nature to become a fundamentalist against these Kafir Hindus who are the source of such evil through out the Land-of-Pure. Like a Nazi, he sees nothing wrong in the regime that runs his society, it is all the fault of those Na-Pak Hindus. But being a Reluctant Fundamentalist, he himself does not seek to punish these Na-Pak Hindus of India but suggests that America do the job for him.

Last week, the Washington Post gave this Reluctant Fundamentalist access to their opinion page to express his views. Goebbels would be proud of you, Washington Post Editors!

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