An Eternal Message for Thanksgiving

Editor’s Thanks: The clips below from London’s St. James School were brought to our attention by a reader in New York. We thank her sincerely and profusely.

The American tradition of Thanksgiving is noble and universal in its outlook. Like all great concepts, it is profoundly simple. It says we all become better people when we give our sincere thanks to those who helped us, to those who came before us, to those who left us a heritage. 

In our humble opinion, the greatest heritage humankind can leave behind is thought – eternally universal thought that resonates in today’s uncertain, complex and turbulent world. Today, we have the honor of sharing such an eternal, simple, profound, and universal invocation with you.

Assemble together, Speak together, let your minds be all of one congruence,
As ancient Gods unanimous sit down to their appointed share.

Common are the invocations, Common the assembly, Common the mind, so be their thoughts united,
A Common purpose I lay before you and worship with your general oblation,

One and the same be your resolve, and be your minds of one accord,
United to the thoughts of all that all may happily agree.

This invocation or appeal goes back to the oldest philosophical thoughts about Dharma. This Shlok or Slok goes back to the Rg-Ved, recognized as the oldest book living. The Sanskrut of the Rg-Ved is rather complex and difficult. That makes the clip below even more joyous.

The above clip shows British students at London’s St. James Junior School reciting the above Slok from the Rg-Ved.

Sanskrut is the oldest Indo-European language that we know. Unlike others that came after it, Sanskrut lives on to this day. Those who speak it or are able to recite the great Sanskrut verses will tell you why it was called the Language of the Gods.  For today’s children, Sanskrut provides the greatest tool for learning pure diction. Listen to a teacher at St. James School explain this:

Thoughts eternal in their message written in the first globally dominant language recited by students of the city that created today’s globally dominant language – this lets us say Thank You to what ever forces that govern us, that give us our noble aspirations.

So on this great modern holiday of Thanksgiving, allow us to give our thanks to all readers with the eternal benediction:

Let Svasti Be Yoursस्वस्ति अस्तु ते

PS: The eternal word Svasti (स्वस्ति)
is an ethereal, blissful peace of soul, mind and body that can only be
achieved when all negatives are erased from all aspects of your being.
Svasti is what brings us to unity with our Creator. This is why the
traditional benediction has been Let Svasti be with You. It is the most
universal benediction that we know.

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