Back to the Trumpian Movement; “Great Stuff” & “Message that Worries Democrats”


Donald Trump finally made his post-convention campaign a “reflection of him” to use a quote of Robert Costa of the Washington Post. And what else should it be? He is the man who built a movement with a forgotten, dormant & disillusioned set of Americans who, as Robert Costa said,  are “disengaged not only from politics but from civic life“. There is still doubt among the cautious, doubt whether he will stay true to his commitment to the people and avoid responding to distracting fouls by the opposing team. 

But the smart ones already sense it. Mark Halperin of Bloomberg & MSNBC was the first to notice Trump’s refocused speech on Tuesday August 16 in West Bend, IN. Halperin said on his With All Due Respect show:

  • “That may have been his best speech of the campaign in terms of a message that can win; That message is a message the Democrats have been worried about that Trump would get on to; its about change, …. saying “if you are happy with the way things are, vote for Hillary Clinton; if you don’t like big media, big government, big business. vote for me“.

The next day the Trump campaign announced the addition of Steve Bannon and Kelleyanne Conway to the leadership team. That day Chris Mathews of MSNBC Hardball showed a clip of Hillary Clinton attacking these changes and asked his guests:

  • “Do you think Trump is a better campaigner than Hillary Clinton at his best? Can she beat this guy without any charisma?” 

When his guests demurred, Mathews said “no oomph” or a word to that effect about Hillary. And Mathews is probably the most passionately partisan guy on TV. But there is a redeeming side to him. Chris loves the game even more than his side in the game. And, from the early days of the Trump campaign, he has liked the message of Trump. He really believes that Trump has a winning message, a message Chris can relate to with his Philly background. That is why all his worries & doubts resurface when Trump refocuses on his message. Read his words to Kelleyanne Conway on Thursday, August 18:

  • “I don’t buy that there has been a problem of Trump being Trump; I think the problem has been that he has not always been Trump …” 

And what was his one-liner after his conversation with Kelleyanne Conway on the issues? “That is great stuff“! 

What was even greater was Trump’s speech in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday. That was even a better speech than Tuesday’s speech that Mark Halperin raved about. Repentance is a big part of human psyche and repentance from a leader who admits his mistake and renews his commitment tends to work very very well. Look at what Donald Trump said and. more importantly, hear the reactions of the people:



“Humility & Honesty” exclaimed Kayleigh McEnany, a CNN contributor & a Trump supporter, a rare combination indeed. And she is right. The commitment by Trump to always tell the truth is a huge contrast to the reality & public perception of Hillary Clinton. We encourage all to hear Trump’s speech in Charlotte in its entirety. If you do, you will realize that this is now the stretch run of the race.  


 So who are Steve Bannon & Kelleyanne Conway and what do they bring to the campaign? First and foremost, they believe passionately in the movement that Donald Trump has created & inspired. In the words of Robert Costa to CNBC,

  • I would describe him [Steve Bannon] as a populist nationalist; this is someone who is not a partisan figure; not really close to the Republican party; doesn’t have deep relationships; he is anti-corporate; he is anti-Wall Street; he is really anti both political parties; that forms his political thinking; that’s why Trump connects with him

And what about Kelleyanne Conway? Folks, watch the discussions between her and Chris Mathews. 


What about women’s issues?



Chris is right. This is “great stuff” indeed.  But this is great stuff because, in the words of Chris Mathews, Trump is Trump again and his campaign is now a “reflection of him” & of his commitment to the movement. 

So “here comes Donald Trump” and within two weeks we will be saying  “they are into the stretch“. We know Donald Trump is rich like an American Pharoah. But will he finish like the American Pharoah?



(watch from minute 01:32 to 2:32)

Yes, if he runs like the American Pharoah did in the Kentucky Derby, coming from behind at the turn and finishing the final furlong with power & determination that keeps “wearing them down“. 


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