2 Yr old Boy in India’s Gender Hell – Kudos to Indian Govt for Swift Action – Shame on US TV Anchors & Reporters for Not Caring


Last week we wrote about the utterly unfathomable act of the Indian Police of registering a case against a 2-year old boy for molestation of a 35-year old woman. That case, reported by Hindustan Times, shook us to our core. We have known and written about India’s Gender Apartheid or its laws that automatically consider a man as guilty of any complaint against him by any woman in India. But this case seemed beyond the pale to us. 

What system, we wondered, would accept a molestation accusation of a 35-year old woman against a 2-year old boy? The Indian Justice System because all males are automatically considered guilty when accused by a woman. And the 2-year old boy was, by definition, a male. QED.

Fortunately this case was so utterly insane that pressure from appalled people reached the central Indian Government. And Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, the Minister for Women’s & Children Development, took prompt action & reported it on Twitter:

 Hindustan Times reported on the action taken:
  • The East Champaran district police on Saturday gave a ‘clean chit’ to a two-year old child who had earlier been implicated in a case pertaining to molestation of a 35-year old woman at Bela Baiju village under Patahi police station.
  • The police declared as false two cases filed against the child and its parents, in a swift reaction following the publication of a report in Hindustan Times, saying a two-year old child had been named in a case of molestation. It also decided to arrest the village head Sunil Kumar Shah and his co-accused, in a case filed by Ramnarayan Baitha,

Kudos to Minister Maneka Gandhi. In stark contrast to her actions, none of the American women anchors & reporters we contacted showed the slightest care, interest or concern. 

Norah O’Donnell had reportedly used her forum at CBS News to wax eloquent about the gender bias situation in India. She had also pronounced on her CBS show that she would not travel to India as a protest. We clearly didn’t expect a fair or even an objective analysis from her about any Indian man falsely accused of a molestation crime.

But we did expect Ms. O’Donnell to be outraged to see a 2-year old boy accused of molesting a 35-year old woman. Why? Because, based on her public profile, Ms. O’Donnell is the mother of a boy. We guess she would move heaven & earth if her young son were accused of a gender crime and we guess the entire machinery of CBS News would be mobilized as well. But, to our great dismay, she didn’t care at all about the plight of a helpless poor 2-year old boy in India. 

Sue Herera of CNBC is also a mother of a boy. She didn’t seem to care either. She has reported cases of rape of foreign women in India in a tone that communicated her disgust. But the plight of a 2-year old boy in India. Who cares, right?

Like Sue Herera, we have watched Stephanie Ruhle anchor her show at Bloomberg Television for years. She is a no-nonsense anchor who speaks her mind & proudly so. We know she is an advocate of women’s rights. So we were interested in her reactions to the horrific molestation accusation by a 35-year woman against that poor, hapless 2-year old boy in India. Guess, she didn’t care either.

Let us be fair. It is possible these three powerful, capable, & wealthy women did care a great deal and they might have tried to do something about the plight of the 2-year old boy in India. We sincerely hope this is true. If it is and if they inform us, we would gladly & without reservation print that & thank them profusely for their concerned help. 

That brings us to Ellen Barry, Geeta Anand & Annie Gowen. The first two are reporters with the New York Times in India and Ms. Gowen is a reporter with the Washington Post in India. All three have been very diligent in harshly reporting any gender crimes against women in India. So we were semi-sure that they would report on the plight of this poor, helpless 2-year old boy in India. When they didn’t, we asked them via Twitter:

We couldn’t even shame them into reporting this story. Guess they only care about plight of women in India. Males just don’t count for them, not even 2-year old boys. 

The above are women we kinda know because they are anchors of shows we watch or they are writers for newspapers we read. They are, in our opinion, no different than their colleagues at CBS News, CNBC. MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post. Meaning their lack of concern is, in our opinion, is similar to the lack of concern in the American media as a whole. To all of them the plight of a victim is only of interest if the gender, race, religion of the victim is of interest or relevance to their organization’s aims. 

What about basic humanity? Forget about it!


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