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It is like déjà vu all over again for Indian-Americans. Four years ago, we saw a flood of cases of sexual “predation” of women in India. Now hardly a day goes by without another shocking case of sexual predation of women in America.

But there is a glaring difference. The published cases in India in 2013 were primarily against poor & lower middle class men while the published cases in America in 2017 have been primarily against rich, powerful & highly visible names. And these acts of predation have been discovered in highly visible & previously respected media companies like CBS, NBC, Bloomberg, Hollywood companies as well as in the US Senate & House of Representatives.

In a case of maximum darkness under the brightest light, multi-multi-millionaires who were self-proclaimed protectors of American elitism have been shown to be regular perpetrators of sexual predation of vulnerable women in their organizations. Naturally there has been intense condemnation of these rich & powerful men and in almost all cases they have been fired, of course with a platinum-palladium severance payment.

But the condemnation has been specific and mostly restricted to the men who have been accused of sexual predation of women. We did not see an outright condemnation of American culture or a sweeping condemnation of all American men or of American “patriarchy”. Until this week, that is.

We heard of a woman in America who went where the entire US media had gone in 2013 about Indian “patriarchy”. Reportedly, a woman named Emily Lindin tweeted opinions that she herself thought of as “unpopular”:

  • Emily Lindin ? @EmilyLindin – Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.

She didn’t stop there:

  • Emily Lindin – ? @EmilyLindin – First, false allegations VERY rarely happen, so even bringing it up borders on a derailment tactic. It’s a microscopic risk in comparison to the issue at hand (worldwide, systemic oppression of half the population).
  • Emily Lindin – ? @EmilyLindin – And more importantly: The benefit of all of us getting to finally tell the truth + the impact on victims FAR outweigh the loss of any one man’s reputation.
  • Emily Lindin – ? @EmilyLindin – Sorry. If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay.

Our first reaction was to check that she was not playing an Alia Bhatt type role. What is an Alia Bhatt type role, you ask? Alia Bhatt is a Bollywood actress who plays role of women who threaten men with false molestation charges. In the clip below, her role threatens a man who has proposed to her with a charge of molestation and if she does that, she tells the man the police would put him in jail. And her role eventually ends up marrying the man she threatens in this Indian “love” story.


(Minutes 0:21 to 0:32)

Our next thought was Emily Lindin should go on a speaking tour across India where she would be welcomed as a hero and rapt BrIndian audiences would throng to listen to her.

Unfortunately for her, Emily Lindin is an American living in America. The protests against her tweets & her philosophy were so many that reportedly she shut off her Twitter account. One tweet we saw is:

To her credit, Shannon Bream, a Fox anchor, weighed in on Wednesday, November 29:

  • “… I spent years as a Sexual Harassment Attorney & I have seen claims that are legitimate and I have seen claims that are false, made with very ulterior motives; so I know cases exists all across the spectrum … what is happening now is that instead of due process as we understand it in our constitution & in our court system, … these are being tried in the court of public opinion; whats important is that …. some of these people if they are innocent they will never get their good name back … ;

That, unfortunately, is the reality in India. Men routinely give in to threats of false molestation charges by women because a mere allegation, if publicized, is enough to destroy the man’s career and bring shame to his wife & children. The man is imprisoned first & tried later, often years later. Even if acquitted, the courts never penalize the false accuser woman.

But that is masochistic India where “image of India” in the west is deemed far more important than justice and fair play for its citizens. Of course, that is only for poor & middle class Indians and not for those in power or those with “contacts”.

How different is America? Even Jake Tapper of CNN couldn’t tolerate Emily Lindin’s viewpoint:

The Kill A Mockingbird novel is about an unjust guilty sentence on a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman. Jake Tapper doesn’t know this is reality every day in India. And that is not just for men of any specific color or ethnic group. It is true for all men.

Under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, a complaint by a wife results in immediate arrest of the husband and of his entire family before & without any investigation of the wife’s claim. The wife hardly suffers any penalty if her complaint is proven to be false years later when the case comes to trial. How bad is it?

  • Nov 30 – – Under Total trial completed in 44681 cases. Conviction only in 5433 cases. 39248 cases acquitted or discharged. conviction merely in 12% & acquittal in 88% cases. 515000 cases are pending, Clearly with a 10 yr wait for result if 44K cases disposed off each year

What do you think of this, Jake Tapper? You speak of one case of false conviction of one man in America, which was overturned thanks to the hard work of a top appeals attorney. In India, every man, every husband is deemed automatically guilty and imprisoned on a mere accusation. Not just the husband but even parents of the husband and in many cases brothers & sisters of the husband. That is immediate and before any investigation of the accusation can even begin.

You are an anchor with a global TV network, Jake. You are a husband & a father of a son, right? Are you then going to cover this systemic, institutional abuse of all men & husbands in a country of 1.3 billion where such “mockingbird” laws have been deemed constitutional by that country’s Supreme Court? This is not just about India, Jake. Now a judge from this “mockingbird” Judiciary has been placed on the International Court of Justice. That now brings this ideology to you & your family, Jake!

This vilification & systemic abuse of all men in India has happened because of pressure from American & Western “feminists” like Emily Lindin, feminists who preach against “patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity”. The Indian government wants a better image of India in the west and if the price for that is vilification, abuse and Mao-style “reeducation” of all men, so be it. The Indian Judiciary & the Indian Elite want, above all, to be deemed as “progressive” in the West and so they are willing to see systemic abuse heaped on Indian men, mainly poor & middle class men, to achieve that image.

We bring this up because we may be at an important point in American society too. At least according to one woman fellow at AEI. Listen to her explain it for about 4 minutes:



CNN & FOX are at two opposing extremes of most American viewpoints. But here both CNN & Fox, both Jake Tapper & Tucker Carlson, seem to think blanket vilification of any group, whether it be of one race or gender is wrong. Hopefully they both will cover the horrific situation in India, at least as a warning to America.

At least both Jake Tapper & Tucker Carlson should be happy they live in America and not in India. We sure are!


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