Shah Rukh Khan Proves Our Point re “Padmaavat” Film


Last week, we described the film Padmaavat as A Recruiting Film for Taleban & Lashkar-e-Toiba. The film is a great ode to the barbaric Afghani Pashtun conqueror Allauddin Khilji and his total & contemptuous conquest of Hindu kings.

You show this film to a young Afghan Pashtun and he will swell with pride about his race. The Afghani Pashtun warriors swept down from Afghanistan, conquered the plains of Panjab (today’s NaPakistan) and then won Delhi. They swatted down pathetically futile resistance of individual Hindu kings and ruled Delhi with reckless abandon.

While the film purports to show Rajput valor in getting massacred & their women jumping into funeral pyres, the reality shown in the film can only fill Afghani hearts with utter contempt for Indians.That is why we think Padmaavat is a perfect film for NaPak’s ISI recruiters to get young Afghans to join anti-Indian terrorists like Lashkar-e-Toiba. After watching this film, which intense young Afghan would not be motivated to plunder rich India & take Indian women by force?

This week, we unexpectedly got evidence of this from Shah Rukh Khan, an Afghani Pashtun Muslim superstar of Bollywood and, yes, a husband of a Hindu wife. Read what Shah Rukh Khan tweeted to Ranvir Singh, the Hindu actor who played Allauddin Khilji in Padmaavat:

You see “Khilji” is a hero for Shah Rukh Khan, a man born & bred in predominantly Hindu India with a majority Hindu fan base.

So let us see what this hero “Khilji” did in his reign as Sultan of Delhi, per Wikipedia:

  • “Alauddin Khalji enforced four taxes on non-Muslims in the Sultanate – jizya (poll tax), kharaj (land tax), kari (house tax) and chari (pasture tax).[33][34] He also decreed that his Delhi-based revenue officers assisted by local Muslim jagirdars, khuts, mukkadims, chaudharis and zamindars seize by force half of all produce any farmer generates, as a tax on standing crop, so as to fill sultanate granaries”.[30][35][36]
  • “His officers enforced tax payment by beating up Hindu and Muslim middlemen responsible for rural tax collection.[30] Furthermore, Alauddin Khalji demanded, state Kulke and Rothermund, from his “wise men in the court” to create “rules and regulations in order to grind down the Hindus, so as to reduce them to abject poverty and deprive them of wealth and any form of surplus property that could foster a rebellion;[33] the Hindu was to be so reduced as to be left unable to keep a horse to ride on, to carry arms, to wear fine clothes, or to enjoy any of the luxuries of life“”.[30]

And this Allauddin Khilji, anti-Hindu tyrant and a collector-predator of wives of Hindu kings, was celebrated in Bollywood by a Hindu producer-director, Hindu actors & a Hindu actress whose character was the object of Allauddin’s sexual obsession.

No wonder, the reigning Afghani Pashtun star, Shah Rukh Khan, can proudly proclaim Khilji as his hero. See nothing has changed in North India since 1300; Afghan “mard” men who are predators of Indian women are still heros in North India.

Is it any wonder that NaPakistan, a poor land 1/6th the size of India, has been able terrorize Indian cities for the past 17 years? And is it any wonder that Shah Rukh Khan & his fellow Afghani Pashtun actors of Bollywood boycotted the reception of Prime Minister Netanyahu in India?

These Afghani Pashtun actors of Bollywood don’t want Indians to learn from Israelis. They could lose their Bollywood bastion if Hindus became more like Israelis. Then no Indian filmmaker would ever make a film like Padmaavat in India.



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