Sabrimala & Kavanaugh – Trump & Modi


Most people are aware of India’s first war for independence against British Rule in 1857. What many don’t realize is that East India Company, a private British company, had captured all of India long before that by using Indian soldiers, Indian money & coercing local Indian kinglets to become suzereins. The first step of this steady annexation of all of India began in 1757 in Bengal. So by 1857, the Company Rule, as it was called, was already 100 years old.

So what created the eruption in 1857? It was not driven by the Indian people but by Indian soldiers in the Company’s army in India. What made them revolt in anger? The trigger was the imposition of a new set of cartridges for guns used by the soldiers. The soldiers suspected that the grease on these cartridges was made of fat of cows & pigs. They felt the cartridges were being imposed to convert Hindu & Muslim soldiers into Christianity. This war nearly led to the destruction of the East India Company. It was so close that Victoria, then Queen of England, abolished company rule. Neither Victoria nor her successors ever interfered with religious practices in India after that & devoted themselves to solely to secular plunder of India.

The British then set out to create large nationwide institutions to run India with an Indian face – The Judiciary, The Indian Civil Service and the Indian Police. To ensure loyalty, the people hired for these institutions were awarded a higher elite status and taught to not mingle with Indians.  

See, nothing has has really changed in India since Victoria’s creations in 1857.

1.History Rhymes – Fast Forward to Sabrimala today

The Supreme Court of India remains as Brit-Servile as in 1857 & as contemptuous of Hinduism & Hindus as they were taught to be in the Victorian period. The Judges insist on being addressed as “miLord” and referred to in print as “their Lordships“. Since subjects show their servility by doing more than their masters, the Indian Supreme Court is now engaged in rampant interference in Hindu religious beliefs & practices that was never seen under British rule.

Witness their recent decision to unilaterally order a change in the practices of the 12th century Sabrimala temple in the Southwestern state of Keral. The Indian Supreme Court ought to have remembered what happened in 1857 & why Victoria ordered non-interference in religious practices. Suffice today to show the pictures from our detailed article of last week.

What police force does this to their own sisters, mothers & daughters? A force that has been institutionally & colonially trained for 150 years to be agents of a ruling power and above the ordinary people. Remember this is still the same police force that brutalized the followers of Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle.

What, you ask, has the State Administration been doing? They have ordered the police to arrest over 1,400 devotees of Sabrimala temple for guarding their spiritual deity from Supreme Court mandated order.

This is eerily reminiscent of the clip from the film Gandhi, in which the British Viceroy asks whether there has been any violence during the Salt March. The police chief describes an incident in which the Police opened fire. The Viceroy interrupts & asks about any violence from the other side. The police chief says no in an ashamed tone.

Just as during the Gandhi Salt March, the only violence was from the colonially created Indian police force mandated by colonially trained Indian administration under orders from a colonially trained & created Indian Supreme Court.

See. India is still British in concept & practice. And British established institutions still govern according to the training imbibed by Victoria in 1857 & her successors. 

But wait a minute. Unlike the British days, the Central Government is ruled by a man known in the past for his fervent Hindu views & beliefs. His sister organization, the RSS, is a dedicated Hindu organization. What did they do to stop this horribly anti-Hindu order & acts?

Nothing. Prime Minister Modi has been totally silent as Hindu women have been beaten up by male police merely for defending their religious convictions. His party leadership has been silent. And the RSS leadership only uttered one solitary meaningless comment in tepid support despite entreaties like:


2. Merry Christmas & President Trump

Prime Minister Modi won his 2014 election by combining good governance with Hindu unity against the previous anti-Hindu administration of Italian-born White Sonia. He also swept the huge state of Uttar Pradesh in March 2017 by uniting Hindus.

President Trump won a stunning victory in the November 2016 election by combining pro-American trade policy and an emphatically pro-Christian message against a globalist secular opponent.  And he did it in a way everyone could understand. Look what he promised on July 21, 2016.


And look what he said on October 13, 2017, before the first anniversary of his election.


  • In America, we don’t worship government; we worship God. … We are stopping cold attacks on Judeo-Christian Values.”

Why can’t we hear this clarity from fervent Hindu Prime Minister Modi? Why doesn’t he say clearly & emphatically?

  • In India, we don’t worship the Supreme Court, we worship God.”


3. Supreme Court – Kavanaugh & Sabrimala – Trump & Modi

The US Midterm elections will take place in less than two weeks. A lot is riding on the outcome. The Republican prospects for keeping the House looked very dim a month ago and even the Senate seemed at risk.

Then the Kavanaugh hearing happened. A couple of days later, President Trump went “to the mat for him“, in the words of South Dakota Senator Thune. President Trump led the counterattack, galvanized his base and got Judge Kavanaugh confirmed to the US Supreme Court.

And it galvanized the Republicans to fight for & vote in the midterm elections. Today the Senate not only seems safe but the Republicans could win additional seats. Based on panicky comments from left wing media, President Trump could even win the House. What a stunning victory that would be?

We think Sabrimala is a Kavanaugh type gift for Prime Minister Modi. Even non-fervent Hindus seem angry at what the Supreme Court ordered and at the physical beatings given to peaceful women by the police in Keral. The stage is set for Prime Minister Modi to go the mat for Sabrimala against the Communist state government in Keral.

Modi & BJP have already made the first move. Amit Shah, the President & Election Manager, of the BJP party landed in Keral & gave a rousing defense of the Sabrimala tradition.

  • Today in Kerala a struggle is going on between religious beliefs and state Govt’s cruelty. More than 2000 activists and workers from BJP, RSS and other orgs have been arrested. BJP is standing like a rock with devotees, Left Govt be warned: Amit Shah in Kannur.

The Indian Supreme Court seems unnerved by the scale and the intensity of the protests at Sabrimala as well as the physical beatings of women at the hands of Keral police. So they have allowed a review petition of their earlier verdict. It would not surprise us if they stay their earlier decision or simply postpone its implementation until “religious sentiments” cool down. 

But the Supreme Court has begun something that is likely to continue into the 2019 elections. A far more volatile issue before them is the construction of the Ram Mandir, the temple of Bhagvaan Sri Ram, the Avataar of God on earth. This temple will be at the site the Timurid Mongol Babur destroyed the earlier temple & built a mosque. So, unlike Sabrimala, the Ram Mandir issue is a direct Hindu-Muslim dispute.

Witness the tweet of this morning:

  • Nobody should be discriminated. If Supreme Court can give its verdict on , then we appeal that a decision on Ram Mandir should also be taken. The issue of Ram Janmabhoomi is not about politics, it is about religious sentiments: UP CM Yogi Adityanath

The Republican base, especially the Christian voters, understood the critical importance of the US Supreme Court during the Obama tenure. Their absolute & unyielding support was a big factor in President Trump’s victory in November 2016. And President Trump has kept his commitment to them by first appointing Judge Gorsuch and going to the mat last month for Judge Kavanaugh. If he gets the chance to nominate a third conservative Judge, he will make the US Supreme Court conservative for the next 20-30 years.

We think the stupid, insane and horribly bigoted Sabrimala verdict has taught the Hindu voter the importance of controlling the Indian Supreme Court. So a united Hindu vote might be within PM Modi’s grasp if he promises to reform the Indian Supreme Court. That extreme step may not be necessary if the Indian Supreme Court behaves. After all, they know their power depends finally on their popular support. 

The past couple of months have been interesting politically in America. The next 6-7 months could be even more interesting in India. After all, Indian politics is fought in the streets and not in TV studios.



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