Did Tucker Carlson Choose Britain’s Elizabeth Over America’s Founding Fathers?


Nothing is as difficult as forgetting the evil a person might have committed, supported or tolerated during that person’s lifetime. And it can be absolutely impossible if your loved ones were severely maltreated during that supported or tolerated evil. But in American media, whether you are defamed or praised for condemning such evil supporters, depends entirely on your race, ethnicity or skin color.

For example, most in US media would support/praise you for condemning the horrific evil of German Nazi regime headed by Hitler, especially if you or your family were grievously hurt by that regime. Absolutely correctly in our opinion. 

But that treatment was not extended to Ms. Uju Anya, an African Black Professor from Carnegie Mellon, when she expressed her true feelings about Britain’s queen Elizabeth tolerating & backing atrocities on her family in Africa. Instead, Tucker Carlson of Fox defamed her & other victims of Elizabeth’s regime in his clip as  “The Ghouls are out to gloat over her death“. 

But wait a minute, as Tuckerites would protest. Isn’t the comparison with Hitler’s Germany & Britain of Elizabeth’s father not just odious but terribly wrong? They would because most of them have no idea what actually inspired Hitler to base his regime on “racial superiority & its right to dominate others“. Read what  Hitler himself said to students in Munich:

  • Racial superiority entitled the British to the possession of India ;  … The Nordic race has a right to rule the world and we must take this racial right as the guiding star of our foreign policy; White men, ……  had exercised their “extraordinary brutal right to dominate others” in order to reorganize the economy of lesser peoples, in India and in the Americas – thereby procuring their own prosperity. The English, in particular, had achieved a “wonderful marriage of economic conquest with political domination … “

Hitler’s regime lasted a mere 15-20 years. The regime of British India company to Victoria to Elizabeth lasted 150 years. And the British record in India was actually worse than that of Hitler in terms of numbers and sheer conviction in their own Brit-Nazi ideology that said it was their racial right to brutally dominate other races. 

So we absolutely support the moral right of Ms. Uju Anya and the vast number of people all over Africa, Asia to condemn Britain’s Elizabeth for the crimes against humanity she personally tolerated & represented to Asia & Africa.

On the other hand, we also marvel at Elizabeth’s stunningly effective public decorum & manner. For decades, she studiously avoided expressing her personal views & did an amazingly masterful job of marketing her royal family. Because of her, the British royal family became much more important than Britain itself. Because of her, tourists thronged to London in numbers that make New York wildly jealous. It will go down as perhaps the greatest marketing campaign of all time. Kudos to her for that. 

1.Tucker’s diatribe – Did he actually condemn America’s Founding Fathers & core American values? 

Frankly we were surprised when we heard Tucker’s clip below. Because his has been a lone voice in US media in criticizing British royal family on Fox & rebuking other American TV people for fawning over them. It was un-American, he felt and said so a number of times. 

So where did the side below of Tucker Carlson come from? Read how Tucker described the British “empire” in his 5:50 minute clip below:

  • ” … a country … of the size of Alabama somehow took over the world and ruled it with decency, unmatched by any empire in human history … the British empire was not perfect, but it was more humane than any other … it was an impressive place run by impressive people … we will see many empires going forward but we will never see one so benign  …. “



We have a basic question for Tucker – Were America’s Founding Fathers blind, tone-deaf & utterly wrong-headed to rebel against this superlatively “benign” empire?

Like Tucker, others might also consider George Washington & his colleagues as loco, but what about thousands of “farmers with pitchforks” who joined George Washington, braved the terrible winter at Valley Forge & emerged to defeat the best infantry of that time? Had they gone collectively mad or were they collectively bad people to rebel against that “benign empire” likes of which “we will never see“?

Understand there was neither a racial divide nor a cultural barrier involved in that war. The majority of America’s Founding Fathers were born as Englishmen and brought up as Englishmen. And the majority of them were Protestant Christian, spreading of which Tucker calls a great achievement of the British empire.

So why did America’s Founding Fathers & their followers rise up against the British empire of unmatched “benign decency” that was of their own people and their own religion? Were they nuts or was it just a taxation fight?

Fine, let us assume it was just a fight for taxation with representation. In that case, wouldn’t these money-minded Founding Fathers have retained at least some of noble values of that most benign empire in history? Or perhaps, they remained silent because of their guilt about breaking away from the British empire that, in the words of Tucker Carlson, was so benign that we will never see one  as benign ever again?

How could we find answers to these basic questions? Unlike the brilliant Tucker Carlson, we are simple folks who think simply. So we went to read the words written by America’s Founding Fathers about the British “empire” they were rejecting. We read the Declaration of Independence in Congress dated July 4, 1776. In that great document, America’s Founding Fathers describe their experience with British tyranny and declare the British crown unfitto be the ruler of a free people“. 

We urge all to read this one-page historic declaration, probably the most important & significant declaration in modern history. Read it and realize for yourselves that America’s Founding Fathers might be turning over in their graves to hear that an American today is describing the British “empire” as one of “decency unmatched … in human history” and a “benign empire the likes of which we will never see again“.

Seriously folks. Read The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America In Congress of July 4, 1776 and know for yourself that Tucker Carlson has put forth views that utterly reject the experiences, views & sufferings of America’s Founding Fathers. Know for yourselves that Tucker Carlson, in his heart, appears contemptuous of America’s Founding Fathers & the America they created.  

By the way, the “benign” British “empire did not recognize their mistakes in America. They went forth in India, Asia & Africa and became much more brutal. They also did not forgive America. They back in 1812 to attack America and destroy American independence. They actually burned the White House & parts of Washington DC.  

Their enmity did not end even after that. It did not end even after World War I which ended with America “bailing out” Europe. The reality is that American Military had prepared plans for a defensive war against Britain after World War I, a war that was deemed only second in urgency than the forthcoming war with Japan. 

It was only when Hitler began his war against Britain after conquering France, did Britain surrender its global naval bases to America & request American military support. The British empire was built on the back of the Britain Navy and by giving up their naval bases, America replaced Britain as the Navy that “rules the waves“.  

But that surrender did not end Britain’s utter contempt & hatred of America, not even during the period in which Britain was begging for American aid. Read what the Marquess of Linlithgow, British Viceroy of India for seven years from 1936 until 1943, said about America:

  • What a country,” he derided America, “and what savages who inhabit it! My wonder is that anyone with the money to pay for the fare to somewhere else condescends to stay in the country, even for a moment! What nuisance they will be over this Lease-Lend sham before they have finished with it. I shan’t be a bit surprised if we have to return some of their shells at them, through their own guns! …. I love some clever person’s quip about Americans being the only people in recorded times who have passed from savagery to decadence without experiencing the intervening state of civilization!”*

This is what Tucker’s “benign” British empire felt about America even as FDR’s America was saving them from Hitler. If this British “empire” was benign, then Cancer must be a “benign” disease. 

By the way, Tucker is not a fan of FDR, perhaps the greatest American President since Lincoln. And that might be the key to Tucker’s malignant praise of the British “empire”. Actually Tucker & many of his Republican colleagues detest FDR and love Churchill. Didn’t Speaker Boehner actually keep a bust of Churchill in his office? It might well be that Tucker wants to see a Churchillian American empire based on  the primacy of a single race, single color and he detests FDR for turning America into what it is today.

If true, then Tucker’s views expressed in his clip above might actually make sense to him. 

2.Tucker’s dictum – Destroy the statue, Erase the Memory

Then Tucker went to discuss what British left behind in India & highlighted the British built train station in Mumbai:


  • “here is the train station the British built … there is nothing like it in Washington DC … yet after 75 years of Independence that country has not produced single building as beautiful as the train station that British colonials built; no sadly it has not; not one ” 

Then he enunciated his dictum – Destroy the statue, Erase the memory. Actually Tucker is right about this one, but not in the way he thinks. We go back again to American history, specifically to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, the man who is responsible than any one else for creating & defining the U.S Treasury. It is this American institution the world runs to when they get into monetary trouble. 

And one of the truly beautiful buildings in Manhattan is named after him – Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House.  


But what does it have to do with Tucker Carlson & his dictum? Because this great All-American building represents everything Tucker condemns in his clip above. The place where this monument to Alexander Hamilton stands used to be occupied by a British Fort named Fort Amsterdam. That British fort was demolished after Independence and replaced by the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs House. 

This is not the only example of America’s decision to destroy statues & erase memories of British rule over America. Go across the areas that were colonized by British and see if you see a single monument to British rule in America. You won’t because America destroyed virtually all vestiges of British rule to erase those memories.

China did the same thing several hundred years ago, the country Tucker thinks will overtake America. He may not know this but the Forbidden City in Beijing was originally built by Mongols who ruled China. It was called that because the Chinese were not allowed to enter that all-Mongol area. When the Mongol rule was overthrown, the Chinese rulers destroyed every single Mongol structure and replaced it with a Chinese structure. 

In reality, it is an absolute must for free societies to ERASE every memory of foreign occupation. It is required mental cleansing for a free society to move forward. That is what free America did and what China did several hundred years ago. 

On the other hand, Tucker is right to express his contempt for India. Because this mental cleansing has not even begun in  India, especially Mumbai. That city is still full of British-constructed buildings like Victoria’s train station described by Tucker in his clip. We are disgusted to look at them every time we visit Mumbai.

But the BrIndians or Indians who still who worship the British, absolutely adore them. Instead of destroying old British structures & erasing those memories, today’s mentally enslaved BrIndians actually restored a British Opera House to greater glory and completely ignored a great historic Indian Classical Music school that was started across from it. 


And, as an act of utter travesty of India’s “independence”, they got Unesco to give it an award in the name of Cultural Conservation – yeah, conservation of British colonial culture in modern India!!! 

Now you understand why India remains a pathetic society far behind a proud aggressive China? At least they should get a pat on their backside from Tucker for being obedient to the most “benign” empire of all time!

But what Tucker may not like is the mental slavery north Indians still show for Afghan Muslim invaders.  One of the most vicious & successful was Ala-ud-din Khilji (from Afghanistan’s most fierce clan Ghilzai) who was the first invader to cross across a central mountain range to invade & pillage extraordinarily rich South India.

His tomb still exists in Delhi, the capital of today’s India. Yes, even 900 years after his death, the tomb of this Afghan-invader is still standing in Delhi.


The Hindus of India have been physically defeated & mentally enslaved for so long (some since 8th century) that they still think of all Afghan-invaders as their sultans & the British as their masters. Nobody has taught them the Destroy Statue, Erase Memory dictum. Neither America nor China had to be taught this. But Indians have never even considered it. 

 To his great credit, Prime Minister Modi gets it & he is focused on building a Mentally Independent India. Interestingly, his intense critic Shashi Tharoor is also a critic of the views of Tucker Carlson, as the clip below shows:

Tucker Carlson might be interested to know that two sons of Shashi Tharoor work in USA in establishments that Tucker would know – one as an editor in Washington Post and another as an editor of Foreign Affairs, the flagship publication of the Council of Foreign Affairs. So Shashi Tharoor & his base is committed to the Obama-sphere while Tucker Carlson seems against what Obama-sphere represents. So did Tucker, by his asinine clip, put wind in the sails of the lobby he seems to despises the most?  



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