An Update on UPenn-Wharton – The Modi Saga – 3

Readers might recall that in our second article about the UPenn-Wharton saga, we wrote:

  • “UPenn President Gutmann & Wharton Dean Robertson should both apologize to all for this fiasco. They should
    publicly admit that this year’s Wharton India Economic Forum was very
    badly managed and that core principles of free exchange of views &
    intellectual diversity were trampled.”

Neither President Gutmann nor Dean Robertson apologized in public. But it seems that UPenn & Wharton went through their own process. Because we saw the following announcement this week:

  • “Thomas S. Robertson, dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, will step down in June 2014 after seven years in the position”.

Professor Robertson will join Wharton marketing faculty and pursue research interests according to an article on A search committee will be formed to find a replacement, according to a Wharton spokeswoman.
We feel for Professor Robertson. His office was straight and professional in our conversations. And he was instrumental in putting us in touch with the editor of Knowledge@Wharton during our active criticism of the manufactured & poorly argued anti-Hindu thesis from Wharton’s Lauder Institute.

But he committed a grievous error of judgement in the Modi saga and allowed the Wharton India Economic Forum to trample on sacrosanct American principles of free exchange of ideas and open discussion. Frankly, it was a colossal failure of leadership that damaged the Wharton brand. His resignation is the first step towards restoration.

We wish Professor Robertson all success in his research and teaching career.

Editor’s PS: – Our prior two articles on this subject are:

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