Should Charisma & Youth Serve as Excuse for a Terrorist? Did NYT Editors Say Yes? An Open Letter from an Army Major


A young charismatic terrorist in Iraq, a local leader of a designated terrorist organization, posts photos of himself & his fellow terrorists on Facebook with AK-47s and exhorts his followers to kill American soldiers. What is likely to happen? Would the US army look at his charismatic face and say forget about it? Would the US army prefer to wait until the charismatic terrorist actually launched a terrorist attack and killed US soldiers or civilians?  

We think not. Our guess is that his photo would be quickly loaded into American face recognition software and US drones would start looking for him. When found, a hell-fire missile would probably be fired to take him & his fellow terrorists out. 

If such a young charismatic terrorist is actually taken out by the US Army, would the New York Times and their cohort condemn the US Army for neutralizing this terrorist? We argue no. Not in today’s environment of deadly murders & massacres being committed in Europe & America by radicalized Islamic terrorists. How old was the young terrorist who, with his fellow terrorist, slit the throat of the French priest after making him kneel? – 19 years old. 

Did the New York Times Editorial Board find excuses for that 19-year old terrorist because he was charismatic or because he had built up a following on social media among disaffected French Muslim youth? Did they justify that young man’s terrorist actions because of the resentment among the French Muslims? Would the New York Times Editors point to the resentment among Sunni Muslim youth in Iraq and find excuses for a young Iraqi Muslim terrorist who exhorts his followers to take up AK-47s and kill American soldiers? We don’t think so.  

Not because the New York Times has suddenly become tough against terrorists but only because the people in Europe & America would erupt in justifiable anger against the New York Times. And also because in the above cases, the victims would likely be American or NATO soldiers or European/American civilians. 

But let no one assume that the NYT Editors extend the same courtesy to Indians or to brave Indian soldiers who risk their lives every day to fight radicalized Muslim terrorists within India & especially in the border regions with NonPakistan.

Forget about assumptions. The New York Times Editorial Board did precisely all of the above – they found excuses for Burhan Muzaffar Wani, a local leader of a designated terrorist organization, who was killed by a counter-terrorism unit of the Indian Army. How did they describe Wani? – 

  • “a charismatic, 22-year-old separatist who wanted an independent Kashmir and had built up a following on social media among disaffected Indian Kashmiri youth?” 
  • “A major cause of the uprising is the resentment among Kashmiri youths who have come of age under an Indian security apparatus that acts against civilians with impunity”

Would the NYT find the same excuse for the US terrorists who killed the 5 cops in Dallas or the 3 cops in Baton Rouge? Didn’t those terrorist killers harbor resentment against American security apparatus?  Of course not because,

  • the American people would be enraged at the New York Times and 
  • the victims were Americans not brown Indians against whom the NYT has exhibited a long tradition of cultural & religious contempt. 

.New York Times is not alone of course but they are the uncrowned leader of the anti-Indian & anti-Hindu cohort that always blames Hindu or Indian victims of murders & massacres by radical Muslim terrorists. We have termed this the Cultural & Religious Caste System in American Media & NGOs

The New York Times went farther this time. Not only did the NYT Editorial Board demonstrate a racial & religious double standard by finding excuses & justifications for a radicalized Muslim Terrorist but they also a printed a long & disgusting opinion from one of their past editors, a man who openly eulogized this terrorist Burhan Wani:

  • “He had become an Internet sensation over the past year, first in Kashmir, then in India and Pakistan, after putting together a small band of Kashmiri militants. Barely out of their teens, they had taken to the forest and social media to challenge the Indian government. Photos they posted on Facebook show them in military fatigues and with stubbly chins, posing with AK-47s against backdrops of apple orchards or mountains. In one video, Burhan plays cricket”

Think of the sheer horror – this young terrorist actually “played cricket” and still the Indian Army killed him; he posed with AK-47s against “backdrops of apple orchards or mountains” and still the Indian Army killed him. At least they should let Burhan kill a few Indian soldiers or civilians before killing him, right? Clearly the Indian Army has not learned how cricket is played on the grounds of Eton & Harrow!

Then this terrorism-justifier ex-editor blamed the Indian soldiers for defending themselves from a crazy mob who called for deaths of Indians. And the New York Times printed this “opinion” with pride.  

What is the best way to answer this hateful, terrorism-supporting diatribe from ex-editor of the New York Times? By reproducing below some excerpts of a open letter from Major Gaurav Arya of the Indian Army:

I wish to share my point of view and in many ways, it is the view of many brother officers of the Indian Army. What I am writing is NOT the official Indian Army line. This is just what many faujis think privately.

It is important for young Kashmiris to know what we think, too. Communication needs to be both ways.

Let me tell you the truth.

These protestors and stone throwers never target a large cantonment or large presence of security forces. They pick a BSF or CRPF picket, which may have ten to 15 people or more. Then they get a mob of hundreds of people to surround the picket and start pelting stones. Women and children are placed in front. As the mob advances, the pressure inside the picket grows. Firing starts and in the smoke, sound, pressure and confusion a bullet or rubber pellet hits a child, because the child is placed right in front of the soldiers. The child dies. 

Why would a mob deliberately take a 5-year-old child to throw stones at a security force picket? Why would they place women in front when the firing starts? Because the dead body of a child makes for a perfect photo op for the Hurriyat leaders and adds fuel to the fire. The Hurriyat is not responsible for law and order, development, roads and electricity, education or any of those things that “leaders” are supposed to do all over the world. They accept money from Pakistan’s ISI to formant trouble in Kashmir. That’s all they do.

With all the moral authority at my disposal, I wish to tell my countrymen one thing – a soldier is also a father and a son. No soldier deliberately shoots at a child. And in the rare case that there is a bad apple amongst us, the Army Act ensures immediate, severe and deliberate action. Hundreds of cases have been disposed off in typical army fashion – “fast and ruthless”. We are not only a powerful army. We are a moral army.

Why do the security forces use rubber pellets to disperse crowds? Why do the “bloodthirsty security forces” not use real bullets? Because the intent is to stop, not kill. Do you really think that Kashmiris would have been out on the road throwing stones if they knew that the BSF had 3 mounted Light Machine Guns in the alley? I think not.

Most of the stone throwers are not political activists. They are daily wage laborers who are paid to do this work.

The Hurriyat is a sickness typical to Kashmir. They do politics on the dead body of children. How are they different from ISIS?

Who funds the lavish lifestyle of the Hurriyat leaders? Who buys the convoys ofSUVs and who pays their office bearers? What is the source of funds of the Hurriyat? Who has elected them? Once you have the answers, you will understand why the Indian Army is involved. And that is why the military solution to the Kashmir problem (otherwise political) lies in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Thank you Major Arya for your free & honest words. Hopefully they will energize the Indian people and then & then alone will the New York Times & their cohort begin to care about NaPakistan-backed Islamic Terror against India. 


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  1. Excellent write up. This guy ripped open NYT and their one sided reports. This is the anguish of the soldier in India. In USA when he returns from the far away desert lads after his duty to the country they get standing ovation in the Airports. Our boys get none no body gives a damn. We still fight out guts out with these politically supported terrorists who put the kids in front of army to claim that they have killed kids. Sad state of affairs.

    1. Kudos to you dear Deva for frankspeak. A revolution against the global wave of Islamism has defeated the dangerous design of Clinton Hillary and Huma Abedin. In India, too, a revolution called ‘Arthakranti’, is making waves.

      Ram Ohri

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