Michael Bloomberg – Guess He Forgot about Mark Cuban & Other Billionaires!


“Imagine a billionaire who thinks he is so much better than Donald Trump, so much smarter, so much more thoughtful and that he would make a far better President. Can you imagine the pangs of envy, of heart-breaking jealousy that might be raking such a billionaire?”

We wrote this on July 23, 2016 after that Republican Convention. No, the billionaire we mentioned was not Michael Bloomberg. It was Mark Cuban, the billionaire who had already been ranting against Candidate Donald Trump. His “pain, jealousy must have boiled over” while watching President Trump accept the nomination. So he came on CNBC on Friday, July 22, 2016 and “… threw dirt on Donald Trump and his entire family. It was a sad sad spectacle ...”

Of course, Cuban was not the only billionaire to watch Candidate Trump in “envious consternation“, as we put it then. Who came to our mind back in July 2016?

  • “As pure conjecture on our part, imagine what Michael Bloomberg must have felt. Mr. Bloomberg is not only a mega billionaire but he runs a global media company. More importantly Bloomberg won three elections and served as a three-term mayor of New York City. Mr. Bloomberg has also talked about his presidential ambitions.”

The main reason Bloomberg did not run in 2016 was that he was told he would not even win a single state as an independent candidate. He was also afraid his independent candidacy would throw the election to Candidate Trump.

Then to his horror, Candidate Trump won & became President Trump. Since then, Mike Bloomberg has probably been nurturing his intense jealousy & rage and supporting any effort he could to unseat President Trump. With his vast fortune, he funded Democrats in House & Senate races in 2018. He must have been thrilled to see Democrats take back the House. On that day, he probably felt November 2020 would be judgement day for President Trump.

But to his increasing horror, Bloomberg saw President Trump win every battle Democrats forced on him – Mueller investigation, Impeachment. And Trump’s poll rating kept climbing with his wins & the strengthening economy. Bloomberg couldn’t take it any more, we think.

He decided to throw his all into the 2020 race. Like backing Hillary in 2016, Bloomberg’s first choice was to see Joe Biden take a commanding lead in the Democrat primaries. When he saw Biden’s failure to get any traction, Bloomberg got in. 

Unfortunately, Bloomberg got in and stayed in as another Mark Cuban. Sorry as a far worse Mark Cuban. Why? Look what we wrote on July 23, 2016:

  • “Neither Bloomberg nor Cuban understood why they would have failed miserably while Donald Trump succeeded so well. They would have run their campaigns on their beliefs, on the skills, experience they had and how that would benefit the American people. In other words, their campaigns would have been just like the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush et al. ”

Remember Hillary’s slogan?


Hillary’s campaign was all about her. She was never for the people. Her campaign asked people to be with her. And those who didn’t, she called them “deplorables” and not mere “deplorables” but irredeemable deplorables.

Bloomberg has gone even farther with his slogan:


Mike will get it done! Get what done? He doesn’t say and didn’t say in his first debate. Did either Bloomberg or his campaign even bother to wonder what the people want? Clearly not given what we all have heard about his public comments about the American people.

Hillary at least liked the people who supported her. Bloomberg even seems to despise the people who could support him. All he wants from them is to vote for him and then get out of his way so that he “can get it done”. How dumb is this man?

In a 3-hour debate Bloomberg did not articulate a single thing he would do for the American people; he did not tell us a single benefit we would get from his being President. Because he doesn’t think he has to give a single reason for people to vote for him. He feels they should just take a look at his accomplishments, vote for him & then leave him alone to “get it done”. 

He also made it clear that he has nothing but contempt for the other Democrat candidates, especially the “moderate” ones. What was the cleanest & clearest statement he made during the debate? He said about the economic discussion “… this is ridiculous“. Meaning shut up as he probably says to people who work for him at his company.  No wonder his campaign suggested before the debate that they withdraw & let him “get it done”. Again how dumb is this man?

And how stupid is his campaign? They like their leader have not understood President Trump has already got it done. The economy is doing very well, incomes for workers are up; the number of jobs available now exceeds the number of unemployed. President Trump’s approval ratings are the highest they have been. So what exactly will Bloomberg get done given what President Trump has already got done?

Sorry Mr. Bloomberg. Guess ours is not question you, ours is not to ask what “you will get done”; ours is merely to step away and let you “get it done”. Seriously, how dumb is this man?

As we wrote on July 23, 2016,

  • “Donald Trump ran a very different campaign. He did not run to express & impose his beliefs on the American people. He understood the feelings of 80% of the American people, those who felt ignored & discarded. And he ran to fight for them. This profound simplicity is why Donald Trump succeeded where other conventional & analytical billionaires would have failed.”

In contrast, Mike Bloomberg is explicitly running to “express & impose his beliefs” on the American people. Bloomberg has not even bothered to understand the feelings of the American people; instead he is virtually promising to ignore them & discard their feelings. And Bloomberg is running only for his own ego. 

How profoundly simple is the contrast between Trump & Bloomberg? Again seriously how dumb is Bloomberg to not see it?

We are simple folks & we think simply. What about the political cognoscenti you ask? Watch what even his own corner said about Bloomberg’s performance:

For a quick but accurate comment, watch for 20 seconds from minute 9:15 to 9:35:

  • .. he [Bloomberg] walked into his dream scenario – Bernie would be rising creating a demand for a moderate … & Biden would be fading & flailing & falling … his dream scenario turned into a nightmare tonight ” – Van Jones

You know, there just might be one Democrat who may have enjoyed the Bloomberg nightmare disaster! And in that, the GOP might actually Be With Her.



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