President Trump Post-Covid; Nancy Pelosi as Bob Alexander?


Was any drug or its maker more aptly named than Regeneron? Ever? Remember the shock we all felt just a week ago upon finding out that President Trump was tested positive for CoronaVirus? That amplified the  CoronaVirus fear that was beginning to recede. 

Then, almost like a magic wand, his CoronaVirus went away and, a mere two days later, a confident, rejuvenated President Trump returned to the White House. 


Frankly, we were stunned. Yes, we understood theoretically what the Regeneron antibody cocktail did – it gave patients their own immune system in a vial. But we were utterly unprepared for the speed & efficacy with which this drug “cured” President Trump. 

Now President Trump can travel & talk to people with total authority about CoronaVirus & he will be believed. While everybody else can merely talk about it theoretically, President Trump has faced the Virus and defeated it. 

Think back to September 2008. People don’t remember that Candidate McCain was leading Candidate Obama at that time. Then Lehman happened & the stock market went down over a waterfall. It felt as if the American system was in a crisis and people were terrified, especially Seniors who felt their assets were about to be washed away during their silver years.

Senator McCain couldn’t explain how he would solve it. Heck, it was obvious to everybody that he didn’t even understand it. In stark contrast, Candidate Obama was able to explain it simply & brilliantly. That swung the Seniors, the most loyal group of Republican voters, to his side. That moment was about their financial survival, about how they would live through retirement, about what they could leave to their children. They went to the one they felt could best solve it. That was Obama not McCain. 

Now think back to February 2020. The economy was great. Employment, especially among minorities, was at the highest & incomes had risen. Everyone thought President Trump would win his re-election easily. Then CoronaVirus came in. Yes, the economy went into a steep fall; stock market fell in its fastest decline and the fear & smell of death was everywhere. 

Frankly there was very little that President Trump or anybody could do. No country in the world has been able to solve it. China seems to have but at a cost to human lives & freedom that no one in America or Europe would accept. What is worse is that this virus seems to be making a comeback as winter approaches.  

And this has been on President Trump’s watch. That has been the biggest risk in his re-election campaign. Polls seem to show that people think Vice President Biden would do a better job about CoronaVirus. That is  not a pro-Biden confidence but a clear lack of confidence in President Trump. 

Then last week happened. First President Trump got the virus & then he got cured in two days. Now he can believably say that he understands it and confidently assert he was cured mainly by a drug developed on his watch during his term in office. And he was full of risk factors – 74 years old, somewhat obese. In spite of that, he got cured in two days. So we feel & probably many others also feel that may be CoronaVirus ain’t so terrible after all.  

Now every campaign event he conducts, every trip he makes is likely to show to the entire country & the world that CoronaVirus can be cured & even quickly. And this is due to medicine developed during his Presidency, a medicine he will make freely available to all hospitals, especially to Seniors. 

To put it simply, China infected us & President Trump got us the cure.

What’s next? The stock market is already at new all-time highs & the fastest decline of March is history. The economy is turning around. The third quarter should show a big jump in growth. And President Trump can promise a big targeted stimulus upon his re-election to help the American workers. And who do the people trust about the economy? President Trump big over Vice President Biden. 

Now President Trump can be optimistic both about the Economy and CoronaVirus. Will the American people buy it? We think so. But is there enough time for the large body of people to come around? If they do, then we can look back and agree that President Trump’s infection was a blessing in disguise. 

Nancy Pelosi or noveau Bob Alexander

Ever since Vice President Biden began his campaign by speaking from his basement, we have been reminded of the superb film “Dave”. Just like Chief of Staff Bob Alexander & Press Secretary Alan Reed put up a look-alike guy named Dave to be the face of that Presidency, we felt Joe Biden was cast as the “Dave” of 2020 by those unnamed & unseen handlers running Biden. 

And the casting was perfect. Biden is the perfect anti-Trump. No bravado, no riches, just a likable uncle type figure who would cool things down & get America back to a calm, peaceful society. Just as Bob Alexander & Alan Reed slowly increased the exposure of Dave, Biden’s handlers have slowly, methodically & quite smartly increased Biden’s exposure.

And it has worked beautifully. Further all the attacks on Biden’s gaffes served their cause because they lowered expectations before the first Presidential debate. Biden was thoroughly prepped for the debate and told to never answer a factual question. He turned every factual attack, he even lied all contrived to show he was not as mean or nasty as President Trump. 

How happy & proud must his handlers be? Then President Trump got infected & cured all in two days. That could change the dynamics of the campaign. Afraid that his illness & cure could actually make President Trump more likable, the handlers either overreacted or there was a falling out among them. And this internal dispute might have intensified after the disastrous performance of Kamala Harris in the debate with a calm, reasoned Vice President Pence. 

Remember the scene in “Dave” in which Chief of Staff Bob Alexander & Press Secretary Alan Reed cook up the plan to make Vice President Nance the fall guy & make him resign; then have Dave appoint Bob Alexander as Vice President; then force Dave to resign and ergo Bob Alexander becomes President. 

That’s what we thought of when Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a sudden move, announced on Friday her plan to appoint a commission to push aside a sitting President & replace him/her with the Vice President. And she said publicly that it was not for President Trump because the voters would take care of him.

Everybody feels and knows inside that Vice President Biden is not running anything, only serving as the anti-Trump face of the campaign. So people immediately started saying that Speaker Pelosi’s new Commission is meant to push President Biden aside and get Vice President Harris installed as President. Remember the “Harris Administration” slip of the tongue by Senator Kamala Harris! All this has been discussed at length in the media. 

But no one has speculated about who would replace Ms. Harris as Vice President. That choice, we think, is the Bob Alexander of this Biden-Harris-Pelosi drama. Is it actually Speaker Pelosi? After all, who has more experience in running the Democrat Party or Washington than Nancy Pelosi? Or is it Michelle Obama, the former first lady? That is where the heart of the Black wing of the Democrat party is. Or is it an unseen person from the “progressive” Democrats?  What a fight will that be?

We are absolutely convinced that Mr. Biden was chosen ONLY to serve as an Anti-Trump & likable face of this Democrat campaign. We also think Senator Harris was chosen as a moderate sidekick to Biden to position the ticket firmly in the middle of the country. That Harris doesn’t have her own voter base was actually a big positive factor in choosing her. 

The only trouble is that Kamala Harris is NOT an old & not entirely well Biden. We seriously doubt she would give up the Presidency if she gets it via the behind the screen Democrat controllers pushing aside Biden. When asked to step down for the noveau Bob Alexander, she might actually react as Dave did to Bob Alexander in “Dave“:


All this goes to show that a Biden-Harris-handlers administration might have the American people thinking fondly back at the relative calm of the Trump Administration.


Editor’s PS: we urge all to watch the clip below of the discussion about the Antibody cocktail between the Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron & CNBC’s Jim Cramer. It changed our thinking about the CoronaVirus panedmic:



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