A Great Week of Diwali & A Perfect Start for the New Year


Deepa-Valli, literally a row of lights, celebrates the victory of Light over Darkness and a realization of the ancient invocation:

ॐ  तमसो मा ज्योतिर् गमय – Lead me from Darkness to Light

It can be a single row of lights in your home or a massive series of 900,000+ lights in the ancient city that might have begun Deepa-valli:

To come from the ancient to the modern, this year’s Deepavalli (colloquially Diwali) has been special. In fact, we cannot recall a Diwali week that signified its core meaning as this past week did.

As every one on our planet knows, we collectively have been living in the fear of the Covid Pandemic. Every country has been gripped by this pandemic & the variants it has sprung forth. This week has lifted this shroud of darkness and we now see bright light of a new healthy dawn. As everyone knows by now, Pfizer has stopped the trials of its Covid therapeutic pill because of “the phenomenal result” they saw, results that “exceeded all reasonable expectations“.



The bottom line according to Dr. Gottlieb is that this “marks the end of the pandemic“. What a literal & physical celebration of Diwali!

Isn’t it the light of prosperity that defeats the darkness of poverty? And like ancient times, there are demons around trying to restrict or cut off the elixir that generates prosperity for the working people of the world. They collectively were putting great pressure on the world’s central bankers to restrict liquidity.

Against this massive global pressure from the world’s financially mighty stood a man who gently, delicately but firmly resisted this pressure and signaled so to the entire world. Jay Powell, Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, spoke & answered direct pointed questions from the global financial press and restated the pragmatic & prosperity-creating policy of the Fed.

Not only were Chairman Powell’s decision & speech perfect for Diwali but even more perfect were the results. The Dow Jones, S&P and the Nasdaq all rose to three new successive all-time highs on the three days following his press conference. This is not just for America. The Fed is the driver of liquidity that spreads to all global markets.

Then finally to a local celebration in & for New York. A pall had set over this vibrant, joyous, people’s city, a pall of senseless crime. It extended to the circulatory system of the city, its subway system. We know many who had simply stopped using the subway system. This week of Diwali has sent a message of light. light that should remove this pall of crime and make our city great again. Because Eric Adams, a former police captain, is the New Mayor-Elect of New York City and he understands New York will not come back without a safe subway system and without removal of darkness of senseless crime.



What a great Diwali week and what a great start of the New Year for the World, America and New York!

स्वस्ति अस्तु भवतुLet Svasti with You


Editor’s PS: Below is a clip of Diwali fireworks over the Hudson River in New York City.



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