If you like Oreos, you will love Bourbons – Inspired by Mark Haines

During the “Sacred Cow” conversation on CNBC, Erin Burnett told Mark Haines that she was so busy working on her special that she did not have time to eat a full meal and that she had to subsist on Power Bars.

Mark Haines, who seems to have the same aversion to Power Bars that I do, offered to send Oreo Cookies, his favorite snack, to Erin Burnett in Mumbai.

Mark Haines does love Oreos and every one at CNBC knows it. Last week, Melissa Lee, another CNBC anchor, called him from China and promised to bring Mark a box of Chinese Oreos. As she explained, Chinese have less of a sweet tooth and Kraft has changed the sweet taste of Oreos to cater to Chinese tastes.

To Mark and every one who likes Oreos, I have a simple suggestion. Try Bourbons, the best cookie (or biscuit as it is called in India) I have ever eaten.  Indians have a sweet tooth and Bourbons cater to it. 

A Bourbon, like an Oreo, has a filling inside a biscuit exterior. The biscuit is rectangular unlike the round Oreo; the crust, sprinkled with couple of grains of sugar, has a slightly chocolate taste and the filling is a light chocolate. Food is an art and the Bourbon is an artistic blend of a cookie with a wafer. It is deliciously phenomenal. 

Oreos do come in a resealable box and the Bourbons do not. Frankly, I have never been able to stop eating until the entire box of Bourbons was gone. 

So, folks, go to your nearest Indian Grocery store and buy a box of Bourbons. The world will seem a lot happier after you eat a few bourbons, just the way you feel after watching a good Bollywood film.

Bourbons – The name of a French Royal Dynasty for a biscuit marked by a company called Britannia Biscuits for classically Indian tastes. A true reflection of global desi spirit. 

Now, you know, there simply has to be a Bollywood film with a great musical score that brings together Paris, London in a classically Indian theme in a glorious blast of color and music!

Yes there is and it is Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, a New Times Critics Pick.  So eat a Bourbon and jhoom (let yourself go) as you watch this film.

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