Response from CNBC to our article “Flagrant Foul” on CNBC anchors Mark Haines and Erin Burnett

The most popular article on this blog is “Erin Burnett’s One Hour Special on India” with a 16.5% hit rating. The second most popular article (with a hit rating of 12.1%) is our critical piece “Flagrant Foul on Mark Haines and Erin Burnett – Their conversation about India’s regard for “Sacred Cows”. 

We are happy to report to you that Mr. Brian Steel, Vice President for Public Relations at CNBC, contacted us and apologized for any offense taken as a result of the remarks made during that conversation on CNBC. We appreciate this gesture by CNBC.

Mr. Mark Haines, CNBC’s veteran anchor, also called us and apologized. We have followed Mr. Haines for over ten years and believe he is a straight shooter. Mr. Haines showed both class and courage in making what must have been a difficult call. We reciprocate the gesture with our next article.

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