Having Fun – the Secret of Likability?

Sometimes you just need to watch and listen.


This Presidential election turned when Mitt Romney showed who he is in the first Presidential debate. All summer, the Obama campaign had painted a caricature of Romney. That was revealed as propaganda in the first debate. The pandits are now comparing this election with the Carter-Reagan election. But the debates only showed the serious side of Romney.

In the above speech, Mitt Romney showed a humorous, self-deprecating side that the country hasn’t seen before. It was, shall we say, Reaganesque.

You have watched Mitt Romney. Now watch Barack Obama follow him at the same dinner.


Good speech with some excellent points. But not at the level we have seen before from President Obama.

May be it is simple after all. Governor Romney is enjoying his campaign while President Obama is not. That is why the country has begun liking Mitt.

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