Ignoring Treason by Lt. General Prakash Katoch


Editor’s Note: There is widespread anger among patriotic Indians who find it hard to stomach the complacent, tolerant and often appeasing attitude of their society towards people who are actively working to damage India. Those who have dedicated their lives to serving India and fighting for it find it much harder to take. The article below is a reflection of that anger, a succinct hard article written by a celebrated officer of the Special Forces of the Indian Army – Lt. General Prakash Katoch. We are pleased and honored that he asked us to publish this article. Other articles of Gen. Katoch can be found at the Indian Defense Review website.


Ask a foreign friend what he makes of the recent Masrat-Geelani traitor rally and the response is a sardonic smile and says this is your internal matter, but the eyes conveys the message what is wrong with you guys? Let us face it that if such sedition was on display in China and Pakistan, they would have faced the firing squad years back and their kith and kin would have vanished. Yes, you would say that China is a communist country and Pakistan being under indirect army rule is no democracy, while we are. But then how would you view such a happening say in the USA? Ever followed American bloggers describing Predator attacks within the country against US citizens, leave action by the NSA and others? The fact is that it would be difficult to lay the finger on another country tolerating the flag of another country being waived on its own soil with subversive and seditious sermons.

What would be the response of Pakistan to this business of the rally and house arrest other than the rabid mullah Hafiz Saeed declaring his support? Obviously they would be laughing all the way home. Apprehended Pakistani infiltrators as early as 1989-90 openly confessed at the joint interrogation centre at Srinagar that while they were trained, armed and financed by the ISI-military, directive to them was to get into J&K, kill as many infidels and enjoy as many women of J&K. But more importantly, they were told that in the event of them getting apprehended, no lawyer in J&K would fight against them, they would be looked after in prison and soon India’s human rights brigade would get them released. So, what has Pakistan gained in the context of the recent episode? The rally was permitted, and it is not possible that the State Government did not know in advance what was going to happen. So the message to the youth in the Valley was conveyed in unambiguous terms as planned. House arrest permits communications with all and sundry, plus conniving for future seditious events to raise the frenzy in the youth, particularly the unemployed – continuing psychological operations.

What India fails to appreciate is that it is not only the loss of East Pakistan that the Pakistani Military is smarting under. The fact is that such has been the legacy of Zia ul Haq, Ayub and Musharraf that they have not won a single war, have had Osama bin Laden snatched from under their protective cover (remember late Benazir Bhutto’s remark that Osama is in the backyard of Musharraf) and are now tasting their own medicine for spawning and supporting terrorist organizations. But such is the lure for power and money that Gilgit-Baltistan has been gifted to China (50 years or more?) and Balochistan is to follow suit – talk of national pride and sovereignty! So these nonsensical proxy wars against India and Afghanistan are not going to stop, no matter what the cost to Pakistani public. Proxy forces are earmarked separately for operating across the western and eastern borders. In our case, the LeT, JeM JuD and HuM lead the pack with Hafiz Saeed and Lakhvi as advisors of Raheel Sharif and Zaheer ul Islam, Pakistan’s army and ISI chiefs respectively.  J&K is reeking in corruption and nexus of the PDP and NC with radicals is quite apparent with successive NIA reports detailing hoe terrorism is being funded in J&K. While Geelani and Co continue to feast on the bone marrow and curry provided by the ISI, hopefully our IB is not continuing to fund these separatists, that to without reference to the army, as was happening during the Congress regime. And hopefully, we don’t have people in the government machinery who are under ISI blackmail having used hawala, as was also the case earlier.

Our Pakistan policy certainly needs a clear cut and sustained approach in backdrop of the fact that Pakistan will not only not give up its proxy war, it will make every effort to raise the level. As important is the need to review and institutionalize separation of ‘Law and Order’ from acts of ‘Terrorism’, ‘Insurgencies’ and ‘Treason’, last three being directed at the Union of India. Lackadaisical approach to these promotes them adversely impacting our national security. These should no more be left to individual states. The Centre absolving itself of such responsibilities cannot claim the slogan ‘India First’. In the instant case, the least that should have happened is that these traitors should have been moved to unannounced prisons outside J&K to prevent their merry-making and enjoying treason, to drive home a clear message. We also need to think what to do about our presstitutes who are providing unending publicity to these traitors. Not bringing them to heel would be inimical to our national interests.


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  1. The million dollar question for the new govt. as well as Hindu patriots/nationalsits is how to control ‘Presstitues’ (Indian ‘sepoys’ in the payroll of the chrisitian/Islamic/foreign Govts/Marxists), Christian missionaries and Islamists in India, who control the entire news marketing in India. Besides, most educated Middle/upper middle class/Rich Hidus are brainwashed by the above anti-India and anti-Hindu entities to hate their own faith, culture and traditions behaind the facade of ‘Secularism’. The leaders of major Hindu organizations like RSS/VHP are frozen in time with their rigid centralized organizational structure who are therefore unable to convince and persuade the real decision making units (DMU)- educated young Hindus, middle/upper calss Indians about the urgent need to support the govt to take drastic actions against the anti-India entities mentioned above. In the current political scenario, the Modi govt. has to play a very careful balancing act in order to remain in power for a longer period of time. In order to please all the stakeholders in this ‘farcical’ democratic setup, the govt. is not in a position to take any drastic action against the anti-India forces.
    Since the Modi govt. does not have the requisite majority in the Rajya Sabha, it finds it difficult to pass even economic bills like ‘Land reforms’.
    What is the alternative? Use CBI, IT dept and other govt organizations to go afer these negative forces to fall in line with the govt. policies in the same manner Sonia & Co. did for amassing power and wealth during the last 10 years. It is doubtful if the current govt. will follow that path.

  2. Govt. must pay urgent attention to the timely alert sounded by Gen Katoch. Time has come for punishing all traitors and fifth columnists effectively and dourly.

    Ram Ohri

  3. General Katoch is justifiably Indignant as I hope are all Indians, including those in J&K by the lackadaisical way in which the situation and the perpetrators have been handled. Sedition by its very own definition is an attack against the state. In addition it has the ignominy of including trying to seduce other innocent persons to participate in the proposed attack. So long as the government of the day, whichever it may be continues to follow an attitude of placation and/or turning a blind eye to such incidents, these forces will continue to grow in strength, till a time finally comes when it will either have to succumb to the pressures of these groups, OR if and when they do decide to take action, they would have to use the proverbial hammer to kill what started out as an ant.
    All activities against any section of our society, differentiated whether by cast or creed, IS a terrorist activity.
    What is “terrorism”? – ‘ The use of terror, violence and intimidation, usually by an underground or revolutionary group, but sometimes to achieve a political end’. These groups usually start out as small groups of people with radical attitudes that are diverse to those of the average local population. These people by means of cajoling and intimidation manage to gather a larger number of followers, who join up hoping to derive some benefit or the other. These form the hard core ‘musclemen’ of the group. The enlarged group thereon that perform in the strikes, dharnas, and such like large gatherings are mostly formed by 90% to 95% of those who are attracted by inducements or some who are curious about the agenda of the gathering, another small part would be formed by those who may have a slight tilt towards the negative, mostly because of some perceived slight.
    It is imperative therefore for permission for such gatherings to be firmly denied, as it lends an air of legitimacy. People with such diverse inclinations should be kept under constant surveillance and their every activity questioned. Where a suspicion arises, they should be hauled in for questioning and detained for periods of time with a view to cooling of any movement that have been started by them. In the light of our past inactivity in the face of these threats, action taken at this stage is likely to generate quite widespread disturbance. However, we are at fault, because we have let this cancer grow. NOW, in the interest of National Security, however, it is IMPERATIVE that we take timely and firm action to curb such tendencies in future. If we can do this and the message goes out, people will surely see the light and though the hard core may form, the 90% to 95% following will be missing. Any further movement henceforth would cease.

  4. This kind of activity has been prevailing as we have no long term Kashmir or Pakistan Policy . A focussed and coordinated approach in the national interest has to be perused irrespective of the govt. of the day. Things will start falling in place. We need area specialists to advise on long term basis and not temporary contractual appointments benefitting retired few.

  5. I always had the suspicion that UPA govt was being blackmailed by Pakistani elements like ISI and even Dawood Ibrahim. This was apparent in the way they used to quickly back off if things went beyond a point. It was like somebody telling them- ok enough, now back off. Prakash Katoch confirms this suspicion. The country can not afford leaders who can be so controlled from across the borders. The responsibility lies with the Modi Govt to expose them and for the public to realise that demographic domination is a permanent domination. This is the ultimate aim of Pakistan backed by some of their friends.

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