One Photo – To Make/Keep You Bullish on India


Everybody knows that India is a poor country with hundreds of million people without running water or electricity. Yet Indians seem to take it in their stride and look to the future with hope.

One reason why is revealed in the photo below from Reuters/Shailesh Andrade:

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(A girl studies while sitting on top of a taxi outside her shanty home at a roadside in Mumbai, August 11, 2015).
See the pails & the torn drapes to the left of the taxi. That is a part of this girl’s home, a tiny pavement dwelling by the side of a road in Mumbai within a short distance of tall super luxury towers under construction. Look at the expression on this girl’s face. You don’t see exasperation, anger or frustration at her conditions. You see her relaxed & peaceful studying on top of a taxi.

This is a big story of today’s India – young kids studying under the worst of conditions with confident hope that education is the key to their move up in the world. All over India you see parents doing whatever they can including hard financial sacrifices to educate their kids. This is true of parents in virtually every economic & social strata – a conviction that education will deliver to their kids a better life than theirs. 

This story, embodied in the above photo, is the key to becoming and remaining long-term bullish on India.

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  1. Also notice that the cab is CNG. Without much fanfare, India is modernizing; no govt. mandate, no big safety study, Just do it !

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