Wow! Moon Venus & Jupiter In One Photo


Some people are blessed with talent, talent that eludes most of us. This rarity hits us when we see it in routine things which we all do. We are talking about photography, a pursuit that Steve Jobs delivered to everyone with his iPhone. The cameras in cell phones get better with every new release. But that doesn’t make most of us that much better. But why use words when we can show you? 


Read what The Self-Motivated Pinball wrote himself:

  • “I have never been able to take a picture like this from the sky. The reflections in the cabin windows at night make it impossible. This turned out quite well. I clicked because I saw the Moon and a planet (which turned out to be Venus). But, with my eyesight I could not see the faint Jupiter below and to the right of Venus. Once I had the picture amplified on my phone screen it became visible”.

We rest our case.


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