The Message Very Few People Heard – President Trump’s Speech to Congress


There is so much media noise after a Trump speech that some key messages of his speeches remain unheard or ignored. Two weeks ago, we highlighted an important message sent by President Trump in his press conference, a message that was ignored by virtually all commentators. It was a clear message to Russian leadership to ignore the noise & bull coming out of Washington DC and remain patient. It was a message that only a supremely confident leader could send.

This happened again after President Trump’s widely praised speech to the Congress on February 28. Virtually no one on the left noticed the “profound” positive change advocated by President Trump.

1. Clarion call about Immigration

We said virtually because one analyst did notice. That analyst is Ben Casselman from Nate Silver’s Read what Mr. Casselman wrote in his article Trump’s speech Was Quiet – And Quietly Radical:

  • Trump’s speech included few policy details and only one genuine surprise: a call to return to a system that accepts or rejects immigrants based on their skills and education. Most of his other proposals were either standard Republican orthodoxy or were familiar from Trump’s campaign. But proposals don’t have to be new to be dramatic. The policies Trump laid out Tuesday night would change the country and its global relationship in profound ways.
    • “It’s a basic principle that those seeking to enter a country ought to be able to support themselves financially. Yet in America we do not enforce this rule, straining the very public resources that our poorest citizens rely upon. … Switching away from this current system of lower-skilled immigration, and instead adopting a merit-based system, we will have so many more benefits. It will save countless dollars, raise workers’ wages and help struggling families, including immigrant families, enter the middle class.”
  • “But Trump also threw in a wild card: a proposal to throw out the current process for legal immigration and replace it with a so-called merit-based system, in which would-be immigrants are selected based on their skills and education. … Trump argued the change would save taxpayer money by ensuring that immigrants can support themselves financially, and would raise wages by ensuring that only relatively highly paid immigrants would be admitted to the country “. [emphasis ours]

The media noise about immigration policies of President Trump is all about illegal vs legal immigration. That noise assumes the legal immigration system is fine & working well for America. It is not, especially not for those who are committed to this election’s “America First” mandate. This point was made recently by an unusually calm Ann Coulter on Sean Hannity’s show. Ms. Coulter pointed out that the San Bernadino terrorist couple who massacred so many of their colleagues came to America via legal immigration. She said at the end that America needs an immigration system that works for us. 

Wow! An immigration system that Ann Coulter approves of. By the way, this type of merit-based immigration has tremendous bi-partisan support. We currently have a socialist system in which Ph.D.s in computer science, engineering & biology from MIT, Stanford et al are sent back to their home countries while people without any skills or prospects for employment are allowed to immigrate on a socialist country-by-country allocation. It is a system that might as well have been created by the United Nations. It is a system in which talented Doctors cannot enter America to alleviate the critical shortage of Physicians in semi-urban & rural communities all over America while unskilled workers come into America to compete for blue collar jobs & receive entitlement benefits as well.

President Trump has made clarion call to the Congress to change this stupid & injurious system. Kudos to Ben Casselman for highlighting it.

2. Van Jones & Chris Mathews

Chris Mathews of MSNBC is a convoluted man – a multi-millionaire TV anchor who hasn’t entirely forgotten his South Philly roots. Occasionally this twist inside him tends to get uncoiled on live TV & he just can’t resist telling his ultra-left guests how right Trump is and has been. Mathews did so again after President Trump’s speech on Tuesday night. He pointed out that the Congressional Democrats stood up and clapped during the economic nationalism message of President Trump and added that’s why Trump won the election. Of course, that was only a momentary pang of honesty and Mathews went back to being the man he plays on TV.

In contrast, Van Jones of CNN is blatantly honest. He is as anti-Trump as you can be. Perhaps that is why he reacts so honestly when he gets frustrated with others who don’t see why Mr. Trump has been & remains so successful. Recall what Van Jones said on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 on CNN after Candidate Trump swept the northeastern primaries:

  • “Hammer will fall in the rust belt – people say 70% of African Americans don’t like him; that says 30% are open to him; if 1/2 of them vote for Trump, he is President” … “if 3 out of 20 African Americans vote for him, he is President

Recall what Van Jones said on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 on CNN after Ted Cruz suspended his campaign:

  • “Get the sandbags ready, Democrats, there is a wave coming … this is just like Obama for Democrats in 2008 … winners of globalization are diffuse & losers are clear, mad as hell & coming … it is a rebellion based on pain & suffering .

Van Jones exceeded his own standard of occasional raw honesty after President Trump’s speech on Tuesday night. He said if President Trump can do this over & over again, “he is going to be there for 8 years” and ended with “he became President of the United States“.



3. Towards Russia with Hate & “Rope-a-dope”

This week may have marked the peak of attack-Trump-with-Russia strategy. What got into high gear with the mishandled resignation of Michael Flynn got deflated with the over-pursuit of AG Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions was so straight and clear in his press conference that the aftermath became a comedy routine of sorts. The media winner from this week’s circus might well have been Russia’s Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, the man “who knows everybody”. Perhaps a smart agent can persuade him to defect to America and share all the juice he knows under a lucrative book deal. 

Guess, the media never learns. They go nuts when they think they see an opening in Trump’s armor. They begin hitting his reputational body ferociously without pausing until they tire out the story & themselves. Perhaps the network chiefs should replace these political anchors/reporters with sports reporters who remember how George Foreman lost to the rope-a-dope strategy of Muhammed Ali.

We saw this through out last year’s campaign. The anti-Trump media and the Democrats would go all out to knock out Candidate Trump when they saw an opening. Their body blows failed every time. And every time Candidate Trump came out stronger and as a winner. Looks like the Russia nonsense will go the same way.


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