NY Senate S2727 Bill – Earthshaking Outbreak of Extreme Racism & Anti-Religion Bigotry


Forgive us but we don’t have a great deal of respect for politicians in general. They tend to do more harm than good when they are try to pass well-intentioned but dangerously stupid laws. We have all seen that Senators & Congressmen can be swayed by powerful, religious lobbies into doing what the religious lobbies want. And sometimes, the politicians in states that claim to be liberal can be persuaded to be heinously racist & bigoted, all in the name of humanity & education.

To our utter consternation, this week we discovered one such hateful, racist & bigoted effort in our own state, The State of New York. 

1.NY Senate Bill – S2727 sponsored by Senator Todd Kaminsky – 9th Senate District

The Purpose of the Bill:

  • “To require New York school children be educated regarding the meaning of
    swastikas and nooses as symbols of hatred and intolerance.” [emphasis ours]

What does this Bill seek to do?

  • Section 2 creates a new section 801-b in the education law, requiring
    education in the meaning of swastikas and nooses as symbols of hate. [emphasis ours]

That is why this Bill is now referred to in the New York Senate as the “Swastika Bill“. What does this new Section 801-b say?


When we heard about this, our first reaction was to wonder whether we are in today’s religious extremist land of Iran. Because Iran specializes today in labelling peaceful sacred symbols of other religions as evil. Saudi Arabia has done this for decades until the influence & the power of the Wahhabi sect. 

But as Saudi Arabia is trying to move away from this Wahhabi influence, is the State of New York trying to take its place?


2. This NY Senate “Swastika Bill” – Ignorance or a Knowing, Deliberate Act of Religious & Racial Hate?

Our first reaction was to assume the NY Senators were merely ignorant. So we called the office of Senator Todd Kaminsky and asked to speak to the Senator, Chief of Staff or his Communications team. No response yet.

Then we called the offices of Senator Elijah Reichlin Melnick. Our call was returned by a very pleasant lady named Victoria Gearity. We asked to speak with the Senator or his Chief of Staff. She promised to get back to us but has not.

We had better luck with Senator Shelley Mayer’s office. We had a conversation with Ms. Emiljana Ulaj, Director of Communications & Strategic Planning. It was clear that she did not know much about the Svastik (the correct Sanskrut pronunciation). We gave her a quick summary and she said she will see if Senator Meyer would speak with us. The next day we received a terse email from Mary O’Sullivan, Outreach Director saying “The Senator continues in discussions on this bill, and thanks you for the information you have provided.” Of course, neither the Director of Communications nor the Outreach Director would reveal who Senator Mayer has been in discussions with or the nature of the Senator’s discussions.

Then we found out that these Senators actually know this undisputed history of the Svastik and that Representative of Hindus & Buddhists have been speaking with these NY Senators & teaching them about the facts of the Svastik.

We also found out that there was a public zoom-meeting in November 20, 2020 between Jews, Hindus & Buddhists that was covered in the New York Post. The only Jewish person quoted by the New York Post was Steven Heller, co-chairman of the School of Visual Arts and MF Design. He was quoted by the New York Post as below:

  • “It is one of those cruel ambiguities. For some it means something good, for others it means something abhorrent,” Heller told The Post after the event.
  • “The symbol, whatever you call it, Swastika or hooked-cross, has become adopted and co-opted as a symbol of racial and ethnic prejudice and white superiority . . .  I am convinced for Americans and Europeans it must be maintained as a taboo sign,” he said.

Hmmm! So now the Svastik is a symbol of “white superiority”? That’s a new one for us! 

Mr. Heller shows he knows that that the Svastik was adopted by Early Christianity as a curved-cross of Christ or a hooked-cross of Christ. So the fight about the Svastik is a fight of Jews vs. Christians in addition to being a fight between Jews & Hindus-Buddhists-Jains?

Now look at his last sentence from his quote in the New York Post. He is saying the Svastik is fine as long as it relegated to Asia. But he “is convinced” it should be “taboo” in America & Europe. Since when did a segment of New York Jews become rulers of America with the right to decide which symbols are to be permitted into America or prohibited in America? 

Once you see it this way, you understand that this is exactly what Senator Todd Kaminsky & his fellow band of NY Senators are trying to do with this Bill – discard Asian heritage & Asian symbols from their concept of Jewish America & Europe. No one can rationally disagree with this reality, especially after the above quotes of Mr. Heller.

You know what was our first & instant reaction after reading the above quotes of Mr. Heller? We shudder as we write it but we wondered for an instant whether Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was actually correct in her characterization of Jewish control of America. 

We mentioned this to Mr. Heller when he kindly returned our call on Friday. He didn’t dismiss this Ilhan Omar parallel. He also agreed that the inference we have drawn from his quotes can be deemed valid while he pointed out that his elaboration was not stated in the New York Post article. 

We must add that we sincerely thank Mr. Heller for returning our call and for a detailed discussion of the Svastik, the Christian Crucifix, the Star of David and the American Flag. It was a candid, pleasant & academic discussion about the finer points involved. After our conversation, we can say with confidence that there is neither religious intolerance nor bias in Mr. Heller. His views are perhaps to the liberal left of most, but they are equally applied to all religions including Christianity, Asian Religions and his own Judaism.  

But more on that later. Let us focus first on whether Svastik has any right to be in America & Europe?


Editor’s Note: One of the most scholarly English Language books on Svastik in found in the Cornell University Library in the Charles William Wason Collection gifted by Mr. Wason (Class of 1876). The Book is THE SWASTIKA – The earliest known symbol, and its migrations … in Prehistoric Times by Thomas Wilson, Curator, Department of Prehistoric Anthropology, U.S. National Museum. We will refer to this book below simply under 1894 Thomas Wilson book on Svastik.


3. Svastik in Early America

We think it is an undisputed fact that Native Americans, or “Indians” as they are colloquially called were the early inhabitants of America. They were here long before the Jews got here. 

Look what the City Albuquerque website says proudly:

  • “Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the design elements of the KiMo Theatre are preserved for their original cultural significance”.

And what is proudly displayed in these “design elements”? The Svastik

The City of Albuquerque website also displays the following:

  • “Although today the swastika can evoke negative emotions, the KiMo invites visitors to remember that the original meaning of this ancient sacred symbol is one of life and prosperity.”

And this demonstrates that the Svastik was in America before the Jews came to America. So on what grounds can the Jewish band of Senator Todd Kaminsky say the Svastik should not be in America?

This also shows that the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is far more progressive & humanistic than the New York Senate. 

Note: The Svastik has also been found among Native Americans in Kansas, Sacs, Pueblos, Navajos, Pimas as well as in Nicaragua, Yucatan, Costa Rica, Brazil & Paraguay per the 1894 Thomas Wilson book on the Svastik.


4. Svastik in Early Europe

We are not that familiar with European history & the European racial identity. From what we know, old Greece is deemed to be the mother of today’s European civilization. Now look at the displays of Svastik in Greece dating back to the 8th century BCE and 6th century BCE (courtesy – humanjourney.us & Wikipedia):


          Greek gold disk – 8th Century BCE                                 Greek silver stater coin from Corinth, 6th century BCE


We know a bit about latter Greek period of Plato, Aristotle, Alexander, Megasthenes, Euclid, Archimedes. But we don’t know much about early Greek period of Herodotus or earlier Greeks. In what we know, we have not found any reference to Jews or Jewish participation. So we cannot opine about when Jews came into Europe. 

But we can all see that the Svastik has been in Europe for thousands of years. So under what legal, cultural or historical right can the Senator Todd Kaminsky band of New York Jews say that the Svastik does not belong in Europe? 


Note: Per the 1894 Thomas Wilson book mentions the Svastik dating back to the Bronze Age in Europe in Etruria, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Scandinavia & Ireland


5. Svastik in Early Christianity

There is  no shortage of references to Svastik in Christianity as the “Curved Cross of Christ“. Christian Churches all over Europe, the Middle East including today’s Israel have the Svastik engraved in the walls. Below are two such just by way of example:


Excavated Byzantine Church in Israel                                  Church of Christ Pantocrator(13th-14th century) in Nesebar, Bulgaria


6. Svastik in Judaism

Wikipedia mentions that the Jewish Kabbalistic work “Parashat Eliezer” shows the Svastik posed of Hebrew letters as a mystical symbol. 

If this true, then is the Senator Todd Kaminsky band in the New York Senate willing to label the Kabalah school of thought of Judaism as a Symbol of Nazi hates as well?


7. Svastik in Modern America

Coming back to America, the Human Journey website in America states:

  • ” … in World War I the U.S. 15th Infantry adopted it as their emblem; and The Girls’ Club of the Ladies Home Journal membership sign was a swastika … “

Mr. Steven Heller told us that the Brooklyn Academy of Music displays a Svastik today. And he said his closest friend has a carpet running across his living room with a border of  Svastik signs. 

So what does the Senator Todd Kaminsky faction of the NY Senate plan to do? Destroy the Svastik signs in the Brooklyn Academy of Music and dictate that all New Yorkers remove the Svastik signs in their homes?


8. Reality of Svastik – the World loved it until …  

Let us be clear. The Svastik did originate in the Indus Valley and the word Svastik is a Sanskrut word. It is a compound word made of Su (noble, good, auspicious) plus Asti (is or to be) plus “k” a suffix that means to do/bring. So Svastik is a creator of Svasti making Svastik a sign/symbol that brings Svasti into your home, dwelling. In fact, the most auspicious wish in Sanskrut is 

स्वस्ति अस्तु ते (May Svasti be yours)

As we have seen above and as has been described in great detail in the 1894 book by Thomas Wilson,  Curator, Department of Prehistoric Anthropology, U.S. National Museum, the Svastik symbol & its meaning migrated to the rest of the World. Literally every Sindhu (Hindu) home humbly displays this symbol of Heavenly Peace. Buddhists carried the Svastik to South East Asia all the way to Korea & Japan. 

And, as a BBC.com article wrote, How the world loved the swastika – until Hitler stole it


8. Is the NY Senate teaching about hate Or actually Spreading Hate?

What is the real symbol of Nazi Germany? Adolf Hitler or a desecrated version of a 6,000 year symbol adopted by the Entire World as a symbol of Heavenly Peace? 

Who actually killed the Jews in Nazi Germany? The German SS troops supported by the German Army & the German police. And what do the Jews say about that? They say they don’t believe in collective blame & collective punishment. 

Why don’t the Jews blame the European Christians? The entire Nazi leadership was Christian – Himmler, Goebbels were Roman Catholics; Bormann was Lutheran & Hitler himself was baptized as a Roman Catholic. The Vatican itself refused to condemn Hitler or Nazi Germany while they were conducting the Holocaust. So why don’t the Jews call the Christian Cross an irredeemable symbol of hate? Because the Jews would be irreparably damaged if they picked a fight with European Christians. 

So whom do the Senator Todd Kaminsky led extremist Jews blame? A 6,000 year old symbol of Heavenly Peace that has been adopted by the entire World? Are these extremists in their right minds? 

The sad answer is Yes. Because this is all about racial & religious supremacy; about keeping America the way they want. The Jews have to live with the Christians. They may even have to live with Muslims & accept Islamic Crescent in their America.  

But allowing Asians to be American and display their own religion, culture in their America and that too in their New York, the largest Jewish city & state in America? In our opinion, a band of supremacist Jews are saying No and that is the primary force behind the NY Senate Bill sponsored by Senator Todd Kaminsky & his band of co-sponsors.  

You know Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was merely speaking the words. And we  thought she was nuts. But now we have to wonder whether she had at least somewhat of a point. Because the message we hear from the Senator Todd Kaminsky band of extremists is simply – “take your **** back to Asia. We don’t want it in our America“.  

Just a few years ago, it was fashionable in American Universities to term the Jewish Star of David as a symbol of hate & religious supremacy. Columbia University in Manhattan had walls painted with drawings showing Jewish Soldiers trampling & killing Arabs with boots stamped with the Star of David. Would the NY Senate ever consider labelling the Star of David as a symbol of hate? Of course not. 

But should the Star of David be labelled as a symbol of hate because of what Israel is doing in the West Bank or the Gaza? Mr. Steven Heller, the man who was quoted in the New York Post article, was not eager to say yes but he did relent. He also thinks the Christian Crucifix & the American Flag could be cited as Symbols of Hate. He is of  strongly liberal beliefs that argue all religious symbols used while causing pain & grief should be labelled as symbols of hate. He pointed out to us that Christian Crusaders had painted the Crucifix on their uniforms while killing Muslims during the Crusades. So it would be appropriate to label the Christian Crucifix as a symbol of hate. 

But Steven Heller is not among the extremists who are pushing for this NY Senate Bill. His words to us were – “I don’t know why we need a bill; I didn’t even know there is a bill“. When asked what would happen if there was a bill, he said “If it happens, it would create such a backlash … I can’t see Schumer supporting it; Biden wouldn’t support it” 


9. Geopolitical Consequences of the “Swastika Bill”

Over a billion people in India belong to the Sindhu (Hindu) Dharma. Virtually every one of them keep or paint the Svastik symbol in their homes. Every religious function has the Svastik at its center. Labelling the Svastik as a Nazi symbol of hate would spread revulsion and anger through out every single Indian. That is probably true across all of Asia. 

The entire world associates New York with America. So if the New York Senate passes a bill like the “Swastika Bill”, it will be viewed as America’s bill. It has taken 20 years & four American Presidents (Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump) to build a sense of American friendship towards India and now a strategic US-India partnership. All that could well be at risk with the asininely hateful & Jewish-supremacist “Swastik Bill”.   

Frankly, no one in Asia will believe that such a “Swastika Bill” could be passed without the permission of President Biden even though he does not seem even aware of this NY Senate Bill. We certainly think China would reap a huge advantage from this obviously Anti-Asian bill. Already much of Asia is worried about President Biden being more interested in white European allies and not about Asian Countries. New York passing such an Anti-Asian bill would just cement that worry into certainty.

PM Netanyahu is trusted in India and the India-Israel relationship is strong. But the 190 million Muslims in India don’t like it. So passage of the “Swastika Bill” at the behest of a Jewish extremist lobby would be a gift to Israel-haters in India and deliver a significant benefit to the Iranian lobby in India. 

That is why we termed the consequences of this hate-filled “Swastika Bill” as earth-shaking. Hopefully, common sense would prevail and this will remain “a tempest in a cup“, in the words of Steven Heller.


Editor’s PS: We will send a copy of this article to Mr. Steven Heller and invite his feedback. Any public response from him will be printed verbatim. We also invite feedback from the so many we know in New York. Serious, candid and hard discussion is crucial in this mess.   


Send your feedback to [email protected] Or @MacroViewpoints on Twitter


  1. Svastika is a hieroglyph on Indus Script Corpora with over 50 inscriptions signifying wealth resource: sattva, jasta ‘svastika hieroglyph’ rebus: sattva, jasta ‘zinc’. The hieroglyph is dated to ca. 2500 BCE mature period of Sarasvati Civilization. See monograph:
    Proving that Svastika is NOT a syllable, but hypertext of logo-semantic Indus Script. History of svastika and its use on metalwork wealth-accounting ledgers

  2. Too many white faces are constantly finding ways to teach hate in our peaceful symbols!! What a sad state of affairs that a symbol that invokes peace and divinity is being maligned due to the misappropriation by one demented dictator like Hitler!

  3. Hitler did not even copy the symbol from India. Hitler himself said he took it from Teutons, “Germanen”. It’s Hakenkreuz. Hitler never even used the word “Swastika” in whole life. All Nazis called their symbol Hakenkreuz. There was no swastika in Nazi Germany. There is solid proof. Please see what Hitler said, and include it in your excellent article.

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