A Bollywood Tribute to Yangon (Rangoon of old)

An informed European-American reader of this blog told me that Bollywood films always make her feel good. 

It would be very hard to make any one feel good about the tragedy in Myanmar and the historic city of Yangon or Rangoon as it used to be called. The only way I know is to bring you the great song about a phone call from Rangoon. It is a rasik’s way to pay tribute to that great city and hope it is rebuilt to its old glory.

This is a song from Patanga, a 1949 film starring Bhagwan. He travels to Burma alone and feels lonely there. So he makes a phone call from Rangoon to his wife in Dehradun, India. That is enough for Bollywood to create a hit song. It is a light, spoofy song which is best heard than described. Click on the You Tube link below:


By today’s physical standards, Bhagwan was an unlikely hero. But his films struck a chord.  I am told that, during Bhagwan’s songs, many in the audience in Maratha Mandir, Mumbai, would leave their seats to dance in the aisles. If you watch the song and feel a little happier, then this comment will have served its purpose. 

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