Is Today’s India Still Under Colonial Rule Or Is It A Democracy For The Indian People?

This week, the Government of India took a step that reminded the Indian people of British atrocities. A widely followed Indian Guru named Baba Ramdev came to Delhi to lead a hunger strike as a protest against corruption in the Congress Regime. More than 50,000 people attended the event as a testimony to Ramdev’s popularity.

The Government of India first welcomed Baba Ramdev by sending four Central Ministers to receive him at the airport. Then, panic stricken at the prospect of a major protest against its rule, the Government struck brutally in the middle of the night.They dispatched hundreds of baton charging police to break up this group of people sleeping peacefully. The violence was something the Indian Capital had not seen for decades.

The Indian Media gave wide coverage to this attack and many people compared it the notorious Jallianwala Baag massacre in which British-led Indian forces killed almost 1,000 unarmed peaceful demonstrators in Panjab in 1919. The Indian Home Minister Chidambaram dismissed this comparison and rightly so. A better comparison would probably be to the brutality of the Congress Government when Indira Gandhi proclaimed a state of emergency in India in 1975.

We do not have to go that far back. All of us have seen this exact scene earlier this year. That was in Bahrain. The Sunni “King” of Bahrain unleashed a similar attack on a crowd of peaceful sleeping Shia demonstrators in Bahrain’s central square.

Remember where we did NOT witness such an attack? Cairo. The Egyptian police and the army did not attack the crowd of protestors when they could have easily done so. Why? Because in almost every country, the Police refuse to attack their own people.

That was not the case in Bahrain. Shia Muslims are the majority in Bahrain while the King and the ruling elite are Sunni Muslims. As the protests by the Shia grew, the Sunni King of Bahrain saw a threat to his rule and the domination of the Sunni minority. In this case, the attackers and the attacked were different people of different religions. So the Bahraini Sunni police did not feel constrained as the Egyptian Police did.

But why did the Indian Police crack down so hard and so brutally against a peaceful Indian crowd? Why did the Indian police behave like the Bahraini police? Why did today’s Indian Police behave exactly like the Indian Police under British rule?

The answer is simple. The Congress Regime, since India’s Independence, has looked down on the Hindu majority as a different class of people, as a backward, lower class of people. At the same time, the Congress Regime has understood that the greatest threat to its existence was a movement for self respect by the conservative Hindu majority.

This should not surprise any one because today’s Congress Regime is a successor to the British Rule in India.

Look what the British did in and to India. In the 18th century, India had about 20% of the world’s GDP and trade. When the British came to India as traders, they had no capital to speak of. They depended on Indian financiers for letters of credit and loans. Then the British seized the right to tax Indians after winning some key battles with local princes. After that, the British systematically looted India to the point that by the time they left India in 1947, India’s share of the world’s GDP and trade had dwindled to less than 1%.

The British did not do this themselves. They were too few in number. They created an entire class of Indians to administer their rule and their policies. These were lauded as the Indian elite and allowed to mingle with the British to a limited degree. These Indian elite were given salaries that were unobtainable outside the Indian elite club. These elite received education in Christian Convent schools and the super elite went to special schools created for them. Where did the British get the money to pay their chosen  Elite Indians? By taxing the Indian people and businesses.

The British wrote tyrannical laws against sedition so that they could move against any protest at will. The Congress Regime has kept these old British laws and uses them frequently to quell protests they don’t like.

The British also wrote laws to seize property of and from Indians virtually at will. The Congress Regime has kept these laws and Indian Governments actively use these laws to seize property. Witness the recent riots by farmers in North India about their lands being seized by the Government for Industry . Under what law did the local Government seize the lands? Under the 1894 Land Acquisition Act, an act established by the British 53 years before India’s independence.

If you visit India today, if you learn about how India’s assets are being appropriated and sent overseas, you will see that British rule lives on in India under the banner of the Congress Regime.  A Washington Post article quotes a report by Global Financial Integrity that suggests “at least $464 billion had disappeared overseas since Indian Independence in 1947. The illegal flow of cash has swelled to an average of $16 billion a year as the economy has grown in recent years.”

In other words, more Indian money went out of India surreptitiously than came in as Foreign Investment. In other words, Foreigners are stepping in and buying Indian assets on the cheap just as Indian “corrupt” money is being sent overseas. At least, the British rulers were honest about what they were doing.

The widely hailed economic reforms & the celebrated Privatization programs of the Congress Government fueled unprecedented levels of corruption. Indian media have alleged that Government entities were run down and their prices marked down so that private investors could buy them on the cheap. The recent scandal about telecom licenses allegedly involved a loss to the Indian Treasury of about $40 billion US Dollars.

Other Indian reports put the amount of Indian money sitting in Foreign banks at $1.5 trillion, an amount greater than the entire Indian 2009 Gross Domestic Product of $1.38 trillion. This is utterly shocking and shows the corruption of India’s Ruling Elite as nothing else could.

As under the British Rule, only the Indian elite are benefiting from these monies. Anyone who touches this money becomes golden. Their children go to special schools that cost over a million rupees per year. The common Indian, the common Indian middle class, even the common Indian educated Upper Middle class does not participate in this corrupt gold rush. This is why even New York Times reporters like Jim Yardley notice that “Middle-class rage over mounting corruption is visceral.”  

And the Middle Class is beginning to express its frustration. The first protest was led by Anna Hazare, a widely respected “Gandhian” who began a fast over corruption. This was a secular, middle class protest. It was something the Congress Regime, like its British mentors, knows how to handle. Following the old British tactic, the Congress regime agreed to draft an anti-corruption bill, a process that could drag on until the rage died down and a process that could be used to water down the impact on the corrup
tion machine. 

When the situation appeared to be stabilizing, Baba Ramdev stepped in. Now this was a challenge that was too frightening to contemplate.

About 80% of India is Hindu. This is core India, a conservative India, a religious India. The British were never worried about any danger from the educated middle class. Their greatest risk was a resurgence of the Hindu majority. So the British followed two strategies. They favored the Muslims as a safer bloc that could be relied on to support the British and they promoted conversions of Hindus to Christianity. The second and more effective strategy was to divide the Hindu majority into caste divisions and actively foster caste rivalry.

The Congress Regime has followed these British practices to the letter. Since India’s Independence, the Congress Regime has developed and nurtured Muslims as a reliable voting bloc and they have facilitated conversions of Hindus to Christianity. They have worked even more diligently to create caste rivalries and strife. These caste rivalries have been used to build reliable vote banks. But they are not content with this.

Now the Congress Party is drafting a Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill of 2011 that, according to reports, systematically discriminates against the Hindu majority, the Buddhist & Sikh minorities and favors Muslims & Christians. The Bill reportedly creates two “classes” of citizens and removes the prosecutorial burden to prove facts; it reportedly denies legal remedies to people wrongfully accused, prosecuted or convicted. The Hindus, Buddhist and Sikhs fall under the unfavored category and the Muslims & Christians fall under the favored category. 

Now you may understand why the prospect of a nationwide protest by a respected Hindu Guru created such panic in the Congress Regime and why the Congress Regime struck so brutally & violently. Adding insult to injury, some Central Ministers publicly jeered Ramdev and advised him to stick to Yog and not get involved in Politics.

This is the crux of their fears. The vision of a widely followed Hindu religious leader getting involved in politics is a nightmare to the Congress Regime. It had to be struck down with vicious force. This is just like the Bahrain minority Sunni Regime that struck down with vicious force a protest by the majority Shia religion. 

So far, the Congress Regime has won, just like the British rulers won in the majority of cases. Then the British faced Gandhi, a true Indian who created a movement of Indians for independence.

Today, the Congress Regime does not face a Gandhi. But it may soon face a different opponent, a growing, awakened Indian Middle Class.

The Indian Middle Class is more conservative and more religious than the Congress Elite, just like the American majority is more conservative and more religious than America’s Elite. America’s majority is richer, more vocal and they arose in force as the Tea Party when they felt their assets were going to be transferred and their values were being trampled by America’s Elite.

We see the same stirring in the Indian Middle Class. They are waking up, their incomes are rising and they are feeling more secure in voicing their opinions. And they are getting viscerally angry about their country’s wealth and assets being seized, stolen and sent abroad.

But the difference is that America’s Middle Class faced laws that were designed to protect the average American. The Indian Middle Class unfortunately faces laws that were designed by the British to threaten, coerce and punish the average Indian.

But then, the American Democracy is Of the American People, By the American People and For the American People. Unfortunately, the so called “Indian Democracy” is Of Corrupt Politicians, By Corrupt Politicians and For the enrichment of Corrupt Politicians.

This is why, in our opinion, the so called “Indian Democracy” is really a Colonial Rule in an Indian dress and the Indian people are just natives of these new Colonials. 

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