U.S. Government Coming Apart or Under Attack?

Just a few months ago, the Obama Administration was on the top of the world with a brilliant  thumping electoral college victory. Now just a few months later, the Administration is under attack from all sides.

In today’s mondo-bizarro* world, the twains have met and joined hands. Huffington Post with its “Bush 4th term” epithet has joined Fox News. And the two mirror images, Bill O’Reilly & Jon Stewart, are jointly and severally laughing at the Obama Administration.

We, as Cinema Rasik, write when we have a different angle or viewpoint. In today’s environment, no angle in this story will be left unexplored by the denizens of the American media. So rather than add our small voice, we will simply listen and watch. The issues are exceedingly important and the theater will be an amazing watch.

*we remain unapologetic fans of the all-American Michaelangelo

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