An “Intellectual” tactic to Attack Israel – Call it Pakistan’s Twin


It has been a fast & efficient transformation. A media that ten years ago was instinctively positive towards Israel has now become intrinsically negative even hateful towards Israel. Intense anti-Jewish feelings are on the rise in Europe and they are being matched by anti-Israeli coverage in the Europe-like “liberal” sections of American media. 

What is a subtle way to express hate towards Israel? Call Israel a historical twin of one of the worst regimes in the world, a regime that is now associated with intense religious hate, terrorism and utter societal failure. That is what Washington Post did in an article that focused on the external & trivial while completely ignoring historical reality & imperatives. It reads as if Ahmadinejad wrote it himself. 

  • “Pakistan was dreamed up as a haven for Indian Muslims …. Israel was the product of decades of Zionist activism, brought into being after the horrors of the Holocaust as a homeland for Europe’s tormented Jewry.”

The term “Europe’s tormented Jewry” is used in the way Ahmadinejad used it – to term Israelis as European colonial usurpers & occupiers of Muslim lands. The reality that Israel was once Jewish homeland, the place where Jewish culture & religion was developed is completely ignored in this Washington Post article just as it was ignored by Ahmadinejad. Factually, Israel at its core is a state of Jews who returned to their homeland from they which they were evicted centuries ago on pain of death. 

The entity named the “Abode of the Spiritually Pure” or Pak-i-Stan is as different as it can be from Israel. It is a dream of the continuation of a foreign physical and religious conquest that enslaved native people, culture and religion for centuries. The dream of Pak-i-Stan came from intense religious hatred and a supra-Nazi conviction that all non-believers of Sunni Islam are to be converted, evicted or killed. We see a re-birth of this supra-Nazi philosophy in Iraq & Syria under ISIS. The dream of Pak-i-Stan is to reconquer India and re-establish Muslim domination over Indians. ISIS dreams of and talks of re-capturing the lands in Spain that were “taken away” from Muslims and re-establishing Muslim domination over Christians in Andalusia. 

The concept of Pak-i-Stan is so heinous that it makes Nazis look moderate by comparison. A self-anointed master race needs servant races to serve their needs. Subjugation is their main objective, not annihilation of other races. A self-anointed “pak” or pure regime cannot, by definition, permit the existence of other “impure” religions within its lands. That is why they have systematically cleansed the lands under their physical control of “impure” people like Ahmadiyas, Buddhists, Hindus, and now are set to cleanse out Shia Muslims.  

So why would a Washington Post article calls this “pak” regime a historical twin of Israel? Perhaps because the easiest way to demonize a state you hate is to call it a twin of Pak-i-stan. This is a new variation of the old you hate a leader call him Hitler tactic. Washington Post cannot call Netanyahu a new Hitler. That would be too provocative and would backfire. So they did the next best thing – they called Israel a religious twin of Pak-i-Stan,      

But the article did make us think. How can a new pak-i-stan emerge from what is today’s Israel? If you think like Washington Post, you can create a demand for a haven for Israeli Arabs – a haven that can be created by chopping off sections of land that are within today’s Israel. Or it can be done by a “pak” or Muslim-only Palestinian State that theoretically permits Jewish citizens but cleanses them out in practice. And while it does so, it can keep fighting for fair treatment of Muslim Arabs who remain in Israel. Such a “pak” state can then pretend to help America and become a large recipient of US aid as a “critical ally” in America’s war on terror. Such a “pak” state would find supporters in Europe-like sections of American media like Washington Post who would criticize Israel for being unfair or mean to this new “pak” state. 

Now such a breakaway  “pak” state within or adjacent to today’s Israel would be the real religious & historical twin of the classic pak-i-stan.


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