De-Britification – First USA, Now China – Why is India Different? NPak-USA This Week


Editor’s Note: Micro-Aggression is the new term in US campuses now. In that terminology, this article is likely to prove not just micro-aggressive but Macro-Aggressive. We believe in the true Indian tradition of being utterly candid in our analysis. So readers are gently warned that what follows below, though both true and necessary to understand, is likely to offend feelings. So please read at your risk.


1.”Britain Kowtowed to China”

This was “the week Britain kowtowed to China”, as the British newspaper Guardian wrote this week. They also published the comment below in their article:

  • After observing the British establishment’s deferential behaviour during the visit of Xi Jinping (Report, 21 October), I now fully understand what the Chinese word kowtow really meansStan Labovitch, Windsor, Berkshire

The term “kowtow” was also used by publications like Management Today of UK which used “Britain kowtows to China as its economy sputters” as their headline. Of course, nothing captures the public mood like a cartoon:

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American publications like Atlantic & Fortune used the “kowtow” term too. The real message was delivered by Stratfor’s headline which read “After Two Centuries, China and the U.K. Switch Roles“.

Frankly, this should be deja vu all over again for American media & US Government. America was the first British colony to first de-Britify itself and then make Britain into a poodle of America. And it wasn’t chief kowtower Cameron of Britain but Winston Churchill, the lion of Britain, who said “Britain has nothing to hide from America” as he stood naked in front of President Roosevelt.

China began its own de-Britification process after Chairman Mao took power in China. The real de-Britification began with Deng Xiao Ping’s turn towards America in the 1970s. The first transfer of power in the China-Britain relationship was Britain’s surrender of Hong Kong to China.

Kudos to China but what about India, the 3rd large country subdued by Colonial Britain? Many Indians wondered when Britain would kowtow to India. They should first look at the photo below. The “royal” crown of Elizabeth, Britain’s native queen, is studded with jewels Britain looted from India. Britain, as PM Cameron stated explicitly in his last visit to India, has no intention of ever returning what they looted from India. They are  legitimate spoils of victory, Cameron said.

But so was Hong Kong for decades. China had to get strong and begin inflicting punishment on Britain before Britain would even consider surrendering Hong Kong. Finally the pressure got too much and Britain chose the discretion of surrender over valor of retaining its colonial conquest.

Would that happen with India & Britain? Not for a very, very, very long time. Actually not until Indian society changes back to what it used to be.

2. Why is India different from America & China?

First, American and Chinese leaders came to power by fighting and winning wars. Nothing eliminates an inferiority complex as winning a long difficult war. America fought and won not just one war but two wars against Britain. And after the second war, America began its de-Britification process in earnest. Go around America today and see if you can find any monuments to British colonial rule in America. Come to New York and look at the magnificent Customs House named after Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the U.S. Treasury. It was built after destroying the old colonial British & Dutch fort that stood there.

AH Custom house dusk jeh.JPG 

This is what victorious societies do. And that is what today’s India, India after 67 years of independence, cannot even think of doing. That is because British domination of Indian minds remains as strong today as it was under British colonial rule.

The stark reality is that India never WON its independence from the British as America did. The British left on their own after breaking up India and after leaving the most Britophile Indians in charge of India. We don’t just mean India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru but the entire British-trained, British-established class of Indians that we call BrIndians for short.

3.BrIndians as modern India’s ruling caste

The best example of this is the Indian Judiciary, the only part of Indian Government that is NOT answerable to the Indian people. Yes, in a land that falsely calls itself the largest democracy in the world, the people of India do not have ANY SAY in who become their Judges and how these Judges rule over them. Only the Indian Judiciary decides who become Judges and only the Indian Judiciary can punish the Judges. How crazy is this? Imagine US Chief Justice John Roberts having the ultimate & only power to appoint Judges in every court in America. It would unacceptably make the US Judicial branch a stand-alone government unanswerable to the people of the United States.

Simply put, the Indian Judiciary is a body of Indian Judges, by Indian Judges and for the Indian Judges. And they are totally and unabashedly Britophiles in their mindset. Not just Britophiles but deeply anti-Indian in every core of their institutional being. The Chief Justice of India’s Supreme Court insists on being referred to as “His Lordship” and every Judge in every court in India insists on being called “milord” in the classic British manner. And forget de-Britification; the Indian Judiciary refuses to associate itself with the patriotic cultural aspirations of the Indian people. That is why the Indian Judiciary insists on using British colonial names like Bombay, Madras for its courts even 20 years after the people of these states have replaced these horrible British impositions with traditional all-Indian names like Mumbai, Bengaluru & Chennai.

Other Indian institutions like India’s Media, Literature Academies, Indian Schools & Colleges and even the Indian Administrative Service remain under the control and influence of the BrIndian caste. And we mean “Caste” in the strict Latin/Iberian origin & usage of the term meaning “lineage”. BrIndians only marry other BrIndians and their children are brought up as BrIndians & sent to BrIndian schools.

The power of this BrIndian caste has actually risen in the past 10 years as more American & European money has entered India for investments. This power surge is best seen in English language media in India and its new determined push to put down Indian or Hindu culture & traditions.

So forget about de-Britification in India as long as BrIndians remain in power and forget about India ever being able to exercise its power, even its limited power, on the world stage.

But why blame BrIndians when their north Indian ancestors have been doing the same for the past 1,000 years?

4.NonPak-USA handshake this week

While China’s President Xi JinPing was receiving the kowtowing of Britain, the Prime Minister of the dinky little regime in Islamabad received a warm friendly hand shake from President Obama. And it was not merely a ceremonial hand shake.

President Obama gave the real power behind that regime a real gift – US fighter jets. President Obama announced the sale of US fighter jets to NonPak military with the full knowledge & understanding that they would ONLY be used to kill thousands of Indians & only Indians. Because these jets are capable of delivering nuclear weapons, Obama’s gift could kill millions of Indians. President Obama obviously sees no conflict in giving NonPak military the means to kill millions of Indians while lauding the strategic partnership he has built with India.

The reaction of Indians is best summed up via a famous composition that says “kinu bairan kaan bhare, mora piya mose bolot nahin” or “which step-wife of mine has whispered in his ears, my man is not talking with me“. Listen to this song in Raag Darbari which was created by Hindu-converted-to-Muslim musician Tansen of the 15th century in the voice of the one & only Amir Khan of the 19th century.


The Indian officials try so hard to tell the world, meaning the United States, how obedient they are to the world policies, how they have been meticulous in observing non-proliferation rules and how they are a peaceful state that doesn’t hurt anybody. They also plead with the world, meaning the United States, to recognize how badly their neighbor, NonPakistan, behaves. Why don’t you do something about it, plead Indian officials. Then, when they see President Obama bestow gifts on the NonPak military, they quietly cry as so many women cry in silence about the behavior of the men on whom they depend.

This sounds terribly genderist but unfortunately this genderist reality is the absolute crux of the problem between NonPakistan & India, and by extension between India & America.

5.”Mard” vs. “Naa-Mard” 

We saw a tweet on Friday that seemed superficially dumb to us:

Neither Dhume nor Tufail Ahmad understand the real issue. The fact is that the people of NonPakistan adore their military for a simple, basic reason. Their military is totally & unalterably committed to a conflict with India. They know that their civilian leadership including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will sell out their war for the sake of their economy or development but never their military. And their military is the torch bearer of their great history as Muslim conquerors invading India and ruling India. Every one in NonPakistan feels in their hearts, minds & bones that they are the true rulers of India, that they are the masters of those disgustingly feminine Hindus who populate India. This is also why the people of that regime have supported the religious cleansing from their land of Hindus, Buddhists & Sikhs.

The absolute reality is that the Muslims of NonPak are convinced that they are the “Mard“, or “men” of the Indian Subcontinent and Hindus are the “women” of the Indian subcontinent. Don’t blame them because the British also thought so and wrote so. Read the words of Macaulay, Mill, Kipling, Churchill, and you will see the constant characterization of Indians or Hindus as an effeminate race/religion whose destiny was to be ruled by masculine Muslims and by a supremely masculine race like British. Winston Churchill was a big proponent of this concept and so was the US establishment over the past several decades. This is also beneath the obvious charm exercised on many in the Pentagon by NonPak generals.   

Can you really blame them? Look at India today, especially North India. It is a land that still considers Muslims of the North West as the true “mard”, especially the Pashtuns/Pathans. Bollywood is dominated by Pathans and the lingo of Bollywood is purely Irano-Afghan. Check out how many Hindu women marry Muslim actors of Bollywood and see how trivially few Muslim women marry Hindu actors. This is true of all strata of Indian society. Check out India’s villages and see how Indian customs of today are the result of 1000 years of history of Muslims assaulting, raping and carrying away Hindu women from Hindu men powerless to stop them. Check rape stats in India and see how many Hindu women have been raped by Muslims and how trivially few Muslim women are raped by Hindus. All this has and continuously feeds the underlying characterization of Hindus as “feminine” or “Naa-Mard” and Muslims as “masculine” or “Mard”.  

You see this in all walks of Indian society. This is why Muslim artists, singers, and politicians from NonPakistan keep getting invitations to India, even to Mumbai where several hundred Mumbaikers were killed by NonPak terrorists in November 2008. None of these Muslim artists from NonPak have ever visited the CST railway station to pay respects to the victims of terrorists from their regime. Forget paying respects, these Muslim artists from NonPak have never condemned their military for terrorism against India. Yet, Indian organizers keep inviting these “artists” and paying them large sums of Indian money to take back to NonPakistan.

Understand this is not merely Muslim vs. Hindu. Because there is no market in India for Muslim artists, politicians or cricketers from Muslim BanglaDesh. Indians only want to get Muslims from NonPakistan because they are the only “Mard” Muslims who conquered Hindus. No one from BanglaDesh ever conquered Hindus of India and so who cares about them?

Muslim rule in India ended in all practicality in early 1700s and finally in 1857. But India has not been able to shake off its history of Irano-Afghanization in the last 160 years. So how long could it take for Indians to shake off their Britification?

Who knows? But we know one thing for sure. Until Indian society gets de-Britified and until North Indians get their “mardaangi” or “manhood” back, India will not be taken seriously by the world.

6. Hope for the Future?

Underneath what we have described above is a renaissance slowly developing in core India. As Indian middle class prospers and becomes more confident, they are beginning to assert their views and their passion for India’s greatness. And they have something absolutely unique going for them – their history of being the ONLY nation, the ONLY society that has maintained its culture since the beginning of known time despite attacks, massacres & occupation by the ruling global powers of the day. As long as Raamayan & Mahaa-Bhaarat remain the heart and brain of Indian society, it can always regain its old glory.

This week was the Indian celebration of Vijay-Dashami, the 10th day of celebration of Victory of Good over Evil. From where we come from, this festival is also knows as the day for “Seema-Ullanghan”, the crossing of their borders by armies in search of conquest. If you want to know what that Indian tradition felt like, view the clip below from this week’s episode of the story of Karn from Mahaa-Bhaarat – watch the great teacher Dron demand a conquest from the royal students he has trained (from 05:31 minutes onward):


Check out Indian history. The great periods of Indian history have been strongly correlated with the periods in which the great Mahaa-Bhaarat was accepted as the dominant text or shastr of the day. And that remains the secret for India’s eventual de-Britification and de-Naamard-i-fication.


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  1. Dear Author,

    I really wonder who you are and what your agenda is. Are you a nation builder or a nation destroyer? Your article is deeply inflammatory, instigating Hindu against Muslims, North against South Indians, and to top it all, a thinly veiled attack against the Judiciary. Place the Judiciary in the hands of our politicians! Are you crazy or a plain India-hater? I differ with your opinions to such an extent that I will not bother to counter it. However, I would like to share my thoughts on one issue, in the hope that any intelligent readers on this forum have access to an alternate viewpoint.

    You claim that “Britain Kowtowed to China”. Well correct, and it has nothing to do with De-Britification. Britain has placed its business interests first, which is completely consistent with how Britain has conducted itself over centuries. The Chinese have the money and the British need investment! Look into British history. Business interests have always been pivotal, whether expressed through military might (Opium wars in China), infrastructure building (Colonial African and Indian railroads), alliances (Operation Iraqi freedom to name just one) or now through diplomacy.

    The Chinese have currency to spare, and they know it. Crudely put, it is this money that allows the Chinese to play a greater role on the world stage and conversely, forces the Western world to show greater deference to the Chinese. De-Britification is a non-issue.

    In fact your misplaced obsession with De-Britification has distracted you from the greatest lesson in this saga. Look again at the picture of the Queen with the Chinese President, which you have kindly pasted with your article. What you will see is the Queen playing her full role, towards today’s British goal of attracting Chinese investment. The same can be said of British politicians (who Kowtowed as well), the British Media (who for instance kept quiet on Human rights) and the British people (who were largely passive to the whole visit). One of the big reasons for British success, and as evidenced above, is the existence of a National Will, a shared Goal, that all work towards. This is something that India woefully lacks, in large part due to its size and diversity. India’s greatest problem is its democracy, which is totally incompatible with its current stage of development and size of population. Too many, are too poor and too focused on their immediate well-being, for them to care about national goals and interests. In this setting, politicians are forced to focus on issues that address basic needs and interests of the common man, rather than focusing on subjects essential to nation building. Special interest groups, pressure groups and NGOs, hijack whatever remains of the agenda, completely demolishing any remaining hope of salvation. Basically, India’s problem today is Democracy, which we could well do without for some time, so that real decisions can be made.

    In summary, you seem to carry a colonial chip on your shoulder, which coupled with anti-North-Indian beliefs, makes you irrational. Maybe your ancestors suffered under the British. However, my advice would be to stop focusing on the past and look objectively into the future, which might help you start writing objectively.


    1. Thank you for your extensive comment. We appreciate it. There are misrepresentations in your comment that we would like to correct. There is no North Indian vs South Indian problem. Reality is that Muslim invaders came in from Afghanistan & occupied North India. That is why North India was far more affected from Irano-Afghan culture than South India. This is evident in North & South Indian languages. Secondly, Muslims conquered India and converted large numbers of Hindus. So no discussion of NonPak is feasible without Muslim-Hindu history.

      You did point out one key conviction of BrIndians – that they dont respect Indian democracy or the ability of Indian people to practice democracy with intelligence. That of course is inherited from Brits. Indians have shown remarkable skill and ability in understanding & practicing democracy. It is people like you that harm India not people who believe in Indian people. It seems clear that you have far more respect for British than you have for Indians.

      De-Britification was implemented by both America & China. Removing all traces of prior conquerors is a MUST before any country can rise. America & China did it but, obviously from your comment, some Indians cannot.

      Finally, every Indian’s ancestors were horribly abused by the British. They looted Indians so horribly that India’s share of World GDP fell from 21% to less than 0.5%. British killed more than 5 million Indians and called Indians blackie-dogs. yet people like u obviously adore British & their rule in India. People like you are the reason India remains pathetic relative to its size.

      If you read our article correctly you would notice that we don’t say Britain kowtowed. Major British & American publications did and we referred to their articles. You should learn to read and analyze without emotions or your contempt for Indian people. But if you did, you would not be a BrIndian.

  2. Spoken from the heart, as well as analyzed from hard headed realism. I’m reminded of the day I read in an interview, while growing up in India, the following words (parphrased) from Imran Khan -cricket darling/closet Islamist. On admiration from Indian women: “Oh, We Pathans have been going south for centuries to f*** their women. It’s nothing new”. We need our valour / kshatriyata back ASAP.

  3. Dear MV ,
    Just want to comment on first part of your piece reg, Judiciary .
    I am in full agreement with you . Authority and responsibility must rank pari passu !
    In case of a corporate , if any thing goes wrong , you get hold of the CEO for an explanation ;
    Can you ask the Judiciary why 30 million cases are pending in various courts today ;why justice is quick and soft for the rich and thousands of people languish in jails for years, without a trail ; why there is a normal pendency of more than a decade in Indian Supreme Court before a case comes up for hearing in the normal course ? But if you have a renowned Lawyer charging a bomb , your can raise the case( calling it important ) and get the judgment (Bail) same day !

    As you rightly said , Judiciary is of the Judges, by the judges and for the judges !

    Lastly, your warning that the Article may offend feelings is appropriate !

    Keep Writing !

  4. Dear MV,

    The only contempt I feel is for the deplorable state of the Indian people and their poverty. I believe India has much potential. However, it is being hijacked and undermined by fools and half-wit experts.

    Yes, the Muslims and the British did invade and rule us. Rest assured, even with the maximum application of your will and resources, RECORDED HISTORY WILL NOT CHANGE. Now, only a fool would expend energy, trying to change something that has happened in the past. A wise man would learn the lessons and move on. You are free to choose where you stand.

    Regarding your statement that “Removing all traces of prior conquerors is a MUST before any country can rise. America & China did it”, are you able to substantiate it beyond a single obscure reference to Customs House. I challenge you to substantiate this claim.

    Regarding Democracy and it’s suitability to India, can you name a single country with a population size close to ours, or with illiteracy and poverty levels close to ours, where Democracy has been a success? Again, I challenge you to name one.


    1. Thank you again. You make some valid points. But some not – Gan-Rajya was in India before Greece & existed for centuries until Chanakya created a Federal structure under Chandra-Gupt Maurya. This is why Democracy is the ONLY path for India & why Indian Democracy is ,despite all its weaknesses, so successful in India. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1951 published a detailed text authored by a 15 member committee of scholars. Recommend you read that book. II. Recorded history is to be remembered as a lesson but not celebrated. Learn from China. In 14th century, Chinese regained control from Mongols and destroyed every single Mongol construction and rebuilt it in Chinese fashion. Original Forbidden City in Beijing was built by Kublai Khan and it was forbidden to Chinese. The Chinese destroyed it and today’s Forbidden City is all-Chinese. In contrast, India still takes pride in Humayun & Alla-ud-din tombs – Re America, go & find any monument to British occupation of USA anywhere; American destroyed them all.

      Begin by destroying the British exterior of every British constructed building in Mumbai – easy to do and a simple beginning to necessary De-Britification of Mumbai and then India

  5. Dear GR,

    Reference your comments:
    “why 30 million cases are pending in various courts today ;why justice is quick and soft for the rich and thousands of people languish in jails for years, without a trail ”

    An efficient Judicial system would translate to a number of rich and powerful people, including our honorable politicians, being held accountable for their actions. Needless to say, that is something they are just not going to let happen. From my viewpoint, this is yet another example of the incompatibility of democracy and India.


    1. Dear Harkirat

      I am just talking about checks and balances. Independence of judiciary is unquestionable.
      But accountability in any authority is a must otherwise power makes you corrupt and absolute power makes you absolutely corrupt.
      No one to be above welfare of poor masses.

    2. Dear Sir, you miss the entire point; a separate, special, non-accountable “eminent” class like India’s judiciary is utterly incompatible with democracy. Reality is India’s Judiciary acts as agents of British & carry on British “white man’s burden” agenda.

  6. Dear MV,

    A judiciary under political control will fare no better than Indian Police under political power. Like the Police, it too will turn into a weapon for the political class and for the common man, be completely useless, incompetent, inefficient and unfit for purpose.

    On a completely different topic, I could live with the idea of placing the Judiciary under a “re-invented office of the President”, but definitely not under the politicians, democracy or no democracy.


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