Monster “Nuclear” Hurricane Irma – Our Prayers for Florida

It is like superlatives are losing their meaning. We thought we had seen it all last week with the largest attack of water on a city in US history with 50 inches of rain in one day in Houston. That now seems small with Florida facing the enormity of Hurricane Irma. Thankfully, Gainesville Hurricane Damage Restoration will be able on hand to help people restore their homes no matter what happens. No one in Florida has ever experienced a storm like this, said FEMA Director Brock Long on Friday.

We had never heard of a hurricane capable of engulfing an entire state. But Hurricane Irma can because it is the size of the state of Texas, a state that is 4 times bigger than the state of Florida in square footage. The danger is so great that 5.6 million Floridians have been ordered to evacuate to one of the many florida evacuation zones that are designed to keep residents safe during the extreme weather conditions. Those that have been evacuated have been asked to do so in order to keep themselves safe. Who knows what condition their homes will be in when they return from evacuating. During most hurricanes, a lot of homes normally experience roofing damage. Perhaps these homeowners should consider visiting a website like to get in contact with some roofing contractors that could help homeowners to repair their roofs.

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Irma hasa new record for the amount of cyclone energy generated in a single day, and for maintaining wind speeds of 185 mph for 37 straight hours. Its eye, which expanded overnight between Thursday and Friday, is wide enough that peak winds could arrive at both sides of the Florida peninsula at the same time“.

All we can offer Floridians at this stage are prayers & very best of wishes. May Mother Nature be merciful towards Florida.

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