Does Daisy Luther Even Know What a Real “War on Men” Is?


We saw a tweet this week from a financial reporter who tweeted about two men accidentally bumping  into her at a busy conference. She said they both apologized but she tweeted about “incident” any way calling it “bodyslamming”. We asked her, mostly in jest, whether she had also “apologized” to them for “bodyslamming” them.

You see the only bumping incidents we see are on the New York City Subway system where merely the act of getting into or out of a train is impossible without being bumped, jostled or pushed. In our experience, these incidents are usually race, gender & religion neutral. So we were perplexed to see a “white” professional financial reporter actually tweet about being bumped at a busy conference. Guess this financial reporter is not from New York or, like other financial media bigwigs, she gets driven around in Manhattan.

Speaking of being bumped in the New York subway system, read what happened in the local train system in Mumbai. For those who don’t know, the crowding in Mumbai’s local train system is far more dense than that in New York City subways. Getting in & out of trains is more like getting through an NFL defensive line. Like in NY, this exercise used to be race, religion & gender neutral. Not these days; not since the Indian Establishment passed & implemented laws that established a Gender Apartheid type system in India.

In this system, a woman can make a molestation complaint against any man without any evidence and her accusation is legally assumed to be true. And the woman faces no penalty even when her accusation is proven to be false or even made up. Also a woman. under the new system, faces little or no penalty for physical violence against a man.

We wonder whether this new tolerance of violence against men led to a passenger’s death this past week in the Mumbai local train system.A 56-year broker accidentally bumped into a woman while walking on a crowded train platform in Mumbai. According to the report in Mumbai Mid-Day newspaper,

  • “Eyewitnesses said he immediately apologised, but the woman pushed him roughly. Another commuter joined her within seconds and pushed Patwa. When the latter tried to defend himself, the woman pushed him again, making him lose balance and fall on the track, where an oncoming Asangaon local crushed him to death.”

Thanks to CCTV footage, the woman was arrested in a day or so and she blamed it on “rail-rage”. Her lawyer will, no doubt, attribute it to anger against all the atrocities women have suffered & are suffering from Indian men. In the end, we think a Judge would let her get off with a virtual slap on the wrist. In contrast, a man convicted of the same crime would be sentenced to jail for years.

Coincidentally, this week we came across (via Zerohedge) an article by Daisy Luther on Organic Prepper Blog titled Why the War on Men Is Hurting Everyone. Ms. Luther begins by discussing a program rolled out by the University of Texas at Austin called MasculinUT that, as she writes, “treats men as though they were violent rapists just waiting for a woman on whom to force themselves“.

Then Ms. Luther writes:

  • “I hate to sound melodramatic, but this seems to me like another part of the ongoing war on men. Lately, there is little that a man can do without the Social Justice Warriors taking him to task. God help them if they dare to hold the door for the wrong woman.” 
  • “We now live in a world in which some people who promote “gender equality” feel that men should have to cater to women, step aside and let them have the promotions just because they have female parts (or say that they’re female), and refrain from speaking in meetings so that the women can do all the talking. This article has 100 helpful hints for men to help make women’s lives more “bearable.”

This is “war on men”? We respectfully suggest Ms. Luther visit India on a fact finding trip to understand what a real war on men is. Everything Ms. Luther talks about is in the Social Media & Blogosphere plus over-aggressive left wing universities. But this isn’t a real war UNTIL the US Government makes it one by passing laws. There is no sign we are anywhere near that possibility.

But there is a Government that declared war on men in 2013 and that war is now being prosecuted with full force of the Government. That is the Government of India. They have passed laws, laws that have been deemed constitutional by the Indian Supreme Court, that systematically remove all responsibility from women and dump it on men. 

For example, the Indian Supreme Court is now deciding whether an adult married woman engaged in consensual adultery with another man can be legally deemed “responsible” for her actions. This is NOT a joke, folks. Current law absolves an adulterous woman of all “legal responsibility” for her adultery and holds her male lover totally responsible for the crime of adultery, a crime that imposes a multi-year jail sentence on the man. The Indian Supreme Court is now trying to review this law to decide if even a small amount of responsibility can be placed on the adult woman engaged in adultery.

This “legal” concept of a woman being non-responsible for her consensual sexual activities is also the basis of “Misconception Rape” doctrine in Indian Law. Under this doctrine, consent of an unmarried woman to pre-marital sex with an unmarried man is legally & post facto annulled if that man refuses to marry the woman. In that case, the pre-marital consensual sex gets legally converted into rape and the man gets a jail term. This law is based on the premise that an unmarried Indian woman would never consent to pre-marital sex with a man unless she is convinced of his intention to marry her. Hence the name MisConception rape.

Under a similar principle, the law holds that an Indian woman would not make a complaint of molestation against a man if it were not true. Therefore, a woman is not required to provide any evidence whatsoever when complaining about molestation by a man and is not subject to any penalty if the accusation is proved to be false or made up.

This law is so nuts & so draconian that a case was registered by the Indian police against a 2-year old buy for molesting a 35-year old woman. She accused the boy of molestation because of her dispute with his parents about land. The molestation charge was made because it is the only crime that doesn’t require any evidence at all. Now you understand why molestation charges are now so common in India. This charge puts the maximum pressure on the opposing men, requires no evidence and imposes no penalty on women for making a false charge.

False molestation charges are common in every society but India is unique because a mere charge is tantamount to conviction & imprisonment of the accused man without any investigation or even need for an investigation.

That is also the case with Domestic Violence complaints. Until recently, the husband & parents of the husband were automatically imprisoned when the wife made a domestic violence complaint. Yes, automatically imprisoned before any investigation can begin. Because the accusation of domestic violence by a wife is deemed true & proven until it is disproved in a court by the husband & his parents.

What about the other side? The Indian Supreme Court recently ruled that acts of domestic violence by wives against husbands, of stalking of men by women, of molestation of men by women are legally invalid under Indian law. In other words, men have no legal redress against such acts of wives & women.

Is this India’s Gender Apartheid against men similar to South Africa’s Racial Apartheid against Black Africans? You decide for yourselves.

What about boys, you ask? Ms. Luther discusses the war on boys in America thus:

  • “Boys who are just average kids, you know, the ones who are active, enjoy bugs and have trouble sitting still for an entire day when they’re 6 years old, end up getting drugged and treated for ADHD. Popular culture is urging us to encourage our boys to be girlie. And while I certainly don’t think we should shame little boys if they want to play with a doll, I also think that boys need to be able to embrace being boys and have positive male role models.”

How are boys treated in India, you ask? They being raped in increasing numbers. No laws cover this because, remember, only women/girls can be raped under Indian law that was recently affirmed by the Indian Supreme Court. So the legal protection for girls for rape is not available to boys who have been raped. The entire Indian legal establishment prefers to sweep this problem under the rug because they just don’t want to face it.

We shared these facts in a Twitter exchange with the financial reporter who had tweeted about being “body slammed“. She didn’t seem to care. Instead, she got angry because of our phrase “you have no idea”. We explained that we used the phrase literally because very very few American reporters have any idea about Indian laws about Gender. That didn’t matter. She remained upset that we had accused her of having no idea even though she knew she had no idea. Guess this is “white woman privilege”! 

Getting back to Ms. Daisy Luther, we respectfully suggest she visit India to check out India’s war against men. If she thinks America is waging war on men, she will discover that India is waging thermo-nuclear war on Indian men.

But we did find a positive lining to this negative story this week. And, believe it or not, it came from a female reporter at Washington Post. Annie Gowen saw the tweet below

and responded:

Frankly, we couldn’t believe our eyes. We were so elated that we lost our poise:

Sadly, our elation was short-lived. Because we realized Ms. Gowen’s non-negative comment about men was restricted to American men. As India Bureau chief for the Washington Post, Ms. Gowen knows very well the Gender Apartheid imposed on Indian men by the Indian Legal system. Yet she refuses to write about it. Guess she is just exercising her “white woman privilege” of despising Indian men!


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