First Shri Ram in Ayodhya & Now Shri Krushn in UAE


Countless Indians are called RamKrushn or one of its many forms like RamKishan. That is how the 2 Greatest Avataars of God are referred to in Indian texts. Shri Ram came first & he united India between North & South into Vedic Dharm. Shri Krushn came afterwards in a subsequent Yug & he reunited India between East & West into Vedic Dharm.

Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya where he immersed himself into the Holy Saryu river. That is why the new  Shri Ram was re-consecrated in Ayodhya just 3 weeks ago. 

Shri Krushn took his followers from the Northern city of Mathura to the eastern corners of India. He did return to end the reign of the evil emperor Jaraa-Sandh & he installed the Paandav in the Indian capital of Indra-Prastha (now in old Delhi).

Sadly that took a great war. In fact, the first World War that we know off. Every kingdom from today’s Iran-Khorasan to today’s Myanmar, from today’s Northeast China to the kingdoms of Northwest China participated in this War. To persuade the great warrior Arjun, Shri Krushn recited to him the BhagVat Geeta, the long poem still read, studied & revered in India as THE INDIAN BOOK.  

Then he returned to his city of Dvaarka (Dvaarkaa). His presence launched the Vedic Dharm across the sea and he established the trade economy in that India. That is why the Dvaarka-dhish temple faces the Arabian Sea.

Seriously if you read the Mahaa-Bhaarat, the greatest historical, moral & statecraft book ever created, you will realize that it was Shri Krushn who launched the interaction across the Arabian Sea.  

Given all of this, wouldn’t you agree that the perfect place for the new Krushn Temple for our new millennium should be across the Arabian Sea in UAE, a country whose 35% of population is Hindu? 

Watch PM Modi, overcome with happiness & satisfaction, say that “Joy of Ayodhya is Amplified in Abu Dhabi” in inaugurating a beautiful & magnificent temple. Watch the 3-minute clip below:



This temple is evidence of the strength of friendship between India & UAE that goes back to ancient times. As PM Modi said, the role of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of Abu Dhabi has been immense.

Watch the 4- minute clip below to see the magnificence of the Temple:



2. Reach of Shri Ram and Krushn across Countries & Religions

It is amazing how the stories of Shri Ram & Shri Krushn have inspired people across countries & regions. Take Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the World. But when asked which “superhero” he would like to be, guess what the President of Indonesia said:

  • Krishn, because Krishn is considered powerful in Indonesia, especially in Java. Secondly because he has a strong weapon which is a Chakram which makes him really powerful. But he’s also very wise. So I’d like that“.



The next one surprised us because we had no clue that Shri Ram’s Ayodhya is considered as their maternal home by six million South Koreans (about 10% of Korea’s population). The clip below tells us:

  • Based on Korean texts, an Indian princess of Ayodhya named Suri-Ratna travelled to Korea at the age of 16 with her brother to marry a Korean king. This occurred about 2,000 years ago (in 48 CE). … Koreans believe that the Pagoda built after her death still contains the stone she carried in the boat from India. There are 6 million people in South Korea who claim their ancestry to this Princess of Ayodhya.  



We do believe that, as India becomes richer & powerful, we will see many communities across South East Asia claim ancestry from or via a historical relationship with India. This is another smart reason to build these gorgeous temples as a remembrance of past greatness and as an invitation to come visit. 


3. So many way to remember Shri Krushn

No one we know has so many facets to his personality & story than Shri Krushn besides the incredible greatness of what he achieved. No divine figure we know is treated as a friend, as one we love by so many.

His name Shri Krushn simply describes his deep blue color which distinguished him in a land of fair people. But poets & writers have described him by names of all his facets. One is Govind, a cowherd which he was as a boy. The long poem in 12th century in exquisitely beautiful Sanskrut is in fact Geet Govind by Mahaa-Kavi JaiDev. One verse of that is below


Four centuries later came Meera, probably the most famous of Krushn-devotees. Born in a martial family of Kings, Meera was brought up as Princess & trained in martial arts of sword play & riding. After all, she was to be married to a Prince & rule as Queen.

But she announced that she is married to Bhagvaan Krushn. In a lovely poem, she said Mhara re Giridhar Gopal, no one else. Needless to say, she was made to suffer to get her to change her decision. Her father, the King, even sent her a drink of poison & finally banished her from the fort.

About 40+ years ago, they discovered a book of her poems & made a record sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Exquisite poetry of the Great Meera about her own love for Gopal or Shri Krushn sung by Lata Mangeshkar,the greatest popular singer who has ever lived. Wow! Those who  wish can go to

But the most popular of her songs is Pag Ghunghroo Bandh Meera Nachi Re. Don’t think there is an Indian singer who has not sung this song. Below is our favorite from a famous Classical Singer- Pandit Omkaar-Naath Thakur:



Having read his words & known his story, we,  in utter awe, honor Shri Krushn as Avataar who drove Arjun’s chariot and,  without lifting a weapon, guided his side to complete victory with his towering intellect & strategic brilliance.

But being truly simple, we mainly think of him as a “Sakha ( friend) to whom we turn for guidance. 


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